lack of concert

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"The lack of concert halls and arenas in Erbil will mostly be resolved by this new complex," he stated.
Lack of concert promotion meant a lot of empty seats
To help make up for his lack of concert production experience, Penix enlisted the help of Ethan Holub, who runs the Christian arts ministry 5 Loaves and 2 Fish Productions.
Lack of concert footage is sorely felt, though soundtrack does sport tracks from former Dead keyboardist Merl Saunders and Garcia's "Blues From the Rainforest" disc.
City's lack of concert venues is a disgrace; I HAVE today received a circular for a concert at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham.
The extremely poor show appeared to be the outcome of raw nature of OECD information, lack of concerted efforts by the FBR and delay in empowering the offshore commissioners of the FBR who had been given powers just two weeks ago.
The lack of concerts around the world will cost the stars millions as organisers fear the pair are on another collision course after recent events, The Mirror reported.
"While the lack of concerted resistance thus far towards women driving may in part speak to a more progressive and younger Saudi society, it would be remiss to assume that those opposing such policies have disappeared from view altogether," cautioned Sara Masry, a Middle East analyst who attracted attention in 2015 for her blog detailing her experience as a Saudi woman living in Iran.
It's not just the tweet or fraying of diplomatic relations, but the lack of concerted effort to secure Pakistan as a partner as U.S.
This low attendance might be due to the lack of concerted public relations efforts in a short period of time.
In this regard, PCSIR has scheduled an awareness seminar to encourage and support traditional medicines for caring health, as there has been lack of concerted efforts for proper utilization of traditional and complementary medicines in Pakistan.
"I think that was because of a lack of concerted campaigning by the leadership over many months ...