lack of connection

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Whether it's because of packed calendars, an increasing discomfort with or lack of connection to the dead, a lack of faith in the joys of the afterlife, or simply economics, funerals today seem to be getting shorter and less religious.
We've always striven to be more than just an internet station and with the recent explosion of personalized radio services, we feel there is a lack of connection to those services.
She said: "Visibility is essential to attract foreign investment to a city and Liverpool's lack of connection to a London hub airport is a serious impediment to our city's long term prospects for growth.
Nevertheless, I can still imagine a time when football fans become disillusioned with a lack of connection to the multi-national corporations that the top clubs are becoming, with their mercenary hired hands and extortionate ticket prices, but maintain an interest and enjoyment in football by supporting their local club - just as many of thousands of fans already do week in week out, of course, and have done so in some cases for over a hundred years.
Establishment of the two wind power projects is expected to support the economic development in the northern region; where industrial activity has been thwarted due to the lack of connection from the national power grid during the conflict.
The Director of Khartoum State Police Forces referred to the efforts exerted in the regard, explaining that the police had followed all those have a link with the victim and investigated all the seven suspects who have been excluded for lack of connection to the crime except the offender that the police learned he left Khartoum State the next day of the incident for Gezira State.
Imtiaz clearly wasted his caliber over leisurely making a movie that is strictly respectable for its lack of connection and conviction.
Davos: Despite the many opportunities created by the new global sensitivities of the Rouhani presidency in Iran, a real stumbling block exists in Iran's lack of connection with Saudi Arabia, and this will have serious consequences in the Middle East, according to Mahmoud Sariolghalam, Professor of International Relations at the National University of Iran
The report on the WPS district's system of supports notes that "the district has not yet finished developing an aligned curriculum''; that monitoring site visits to the three Level 4 schools "revealed a lack of connection between the district and schools regarding curriculum''; that while curriculum maps were a district-level responsibility, each school had devoted "significant time and resources to developing their own curriculum maps''; and that while all WPS teachers are required to use a common weekly lesson planning template, the visiting team "did not observe the district's lesson planning template in use'' but teachers and school leaders "had developed their own lesson planning templates.
That, paired with the lack of connection availability--the province has pinpointed grid upgrades for 2018--has left many First Nations with few options but to find partners.