lack of connection

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He then went on to indicate that the lack of connection he felt with his brides was why he encouraged his daughter-and would encourage any couple getting married-not to let that happen to them.
Islamic countries need more efforts to modernize their democracy; however, the West has a mistaken view on the lack of connection between Islam and democracy," Rohani said.
I think the lack of connection between all the agencies involved has added to the delay.
Given the insularity, the geography, specific typology, and location, most islands face numerous challenges such as high energy costs, concerns relating to Security of Supply, small economies of scale, in many cases reliance on imported fossil fuels, and limited or lack of connection with mainland Europe.
Finally, and most importantly to the work that we are doing here in Pequannock Township: youth addiction services professionals have identified boredom and lack of connection as common reasons for substance use.
He was born to Punjabi parents from Pakistan, and raised as a Muslim in New England despite his lack of connection to God.
Recommend this to readers looking to understand mental illness who can tolerate a lack of connection with the characters.
Other advertising concepts run the risk of diminishing returns due to extreme overuse as well as lack of connection with the product as perceived by the audience.
From a party which had a majority of Council seats only six years ago, this is a very long way away from a revival, and cannot be explained away by arguing that it was about a lack of connection with students.
They'd practiced a little bit together but there was a bit of a lack of connection between them.
Even Cobb, who joked about his lack of connection to health care field, gave a detailed answer about how his plan would seek to draw down more federal funds for rural hospitals that treat poor patients by passing laws to create Local Provider Participation Funds, a mechanism to allow hospitals to be reimbursed for the uncompensated care they provide through a $29 billion funding pool known as the 1115 waiver, which is set to expire this year.