lack of consideration

References in classic literature ?
As he banged me down upon my feet his face was bent close to mine and I did the only thing a gentleman might do under the circumstances of brutality, boorishness, and lack of consideration for a stranger's rights; I swung my fist squarely to his jaw and he went down like a felled ox.
It never entered his head to be ashamed of those he knew, and to take the Silvas out to a Christmas treat could in no way, so it seemed to him, show lack of consideration for Ruth.
There had been too, recently, a strange lack of consideration for herself that had wounded her more than she had imagined.
At such times the current of her nature ran in its deep narrow channel with great force and with an alarming lack of consideration for the feelings of others.
No, it was pure lack of consideration. Who was Bertie that he--
"As a small but very successful business, we were horrified at the lack of consideration made by the organisers.
I received the same lack of consideration. It seems that no one cares for anyone but themselves these days.
The apparent lack of consideration for Canada in the Letts case represents a certain lingering arrogance on the part of the UK government at a time when we need all the partners we can get.
Claiming he checks on the state of public toilets when he uses them, Dr Mahathir said he regularly found these to be in appalling conditions and urged Malaysians to realise their lack of consideration for others.
In addition, there are serious problems with access to this profession and its practice , as well as a clear lack of consideration of chemical and infectious risks, which can damage the health of thanatopractors and, more broadly, for the environment.
When my nephews and nieces visit from Holland they are astounded at the lack of shared space and the lack of consideration for people not behind a wheel.
I think it would be extremely ill-advised and would show a lack of consideration for a large body of opinion throughout the country if the parade was stopped after 30 years."