lack of control

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The same lack of control led to various infractions of their own ceasefire declaration that disturbed the ongoing negotiations,' he added.
RE: Lack of control by pharmacies regarding disposable syringes for addicts.
They emphasize the role of thinking about other people and oneself in relation to them as a way of dealing with lack of control, and they consider cognitive, emotional, and socio-behavioral reactions, with discussion of the educational context; socially grounded responses to control deprivation, including compensatory control or active coping; and how uncontrollability relates to issues of powerlessness and intergroup cognition in terms of outcome dependency, power, or economic and social status relations.
The grounds for review are "that the licensing objectives of the Prevention of Crime and Disorder, has not been promoted in that: "West Midlands Police have called for a review on the grounds of poor management and lack of control at the premises.
Mintel retail analyst Nick Carroll said the lack of control when selecting fresh food and drink products remained the biggest issue among those who do not shop online.
The assets of Pakistan Railways worth billions of rupees had been stolen owing to the lack of control of Federal Minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq.
Specifically, when these women see a "normal" body they experience feelings of displeasure and lack of control, since they feel they have not any control on their own body and cannot make it be as they want.
Hendricks's reference to lack of control left uncertainty in
Lack of control was simulated by asking participants to vividly recall an experience where they either lacked control or had full control.
Last few weeks saw many similar accidents often resulted from high speed and lack of control on the part of drivers.
Not least without doubt recent media footage of crowd violence in the UK will have reached Fifa's executive committee, the majority of whom would not understand the lack of control and containment.
The note amounts were based on an appraised value of a 1% non-managing interest in the LLC discounted for lack of control and lack of marketability.