lack of corruption

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The UAE has become a global model for successful partnerships, thanks to the encouragement of the leadership and the laws and regulations that promote private sector participation, ensure competitiveness, transparency, and lack of corruption.
And the words the world wanted to hear - rule of law, dispatch in business, lack of corruption, justice for all men - was spoken in well crafted language for the high and low,' Gordon said when reached by phone.
These included disposable income, social support systems, relatively healthy life expectancy, unparalleled social freedom, pure generosity and lack of corruption.
He loves the clean streets, modern conveniences and lack of corruption that have made it a world business hub.
Although he began his career as a socialist, once he took power he established an authoritarian government, a one-party system unique in the world for its competence and lack of corruption.
Growth, trade volume, and investment are far more important than security and lack of corruption when it comes to factors driving the emergence of an economy," adds Roberson.
New Zealand ranked third in the lack of corruption category.
Or to take another example in the same region--I think there is no doubt that the good governance in Costa Rica and the lack of corruption there stands in sharop contrast to other Central American countries and, as a result, I believe this is a major reason why Costa Rica's economy is som much stronger than that of its neighbors.
Stating that Erdoy-an had in length talked about the success of the Turkish economy and said the fact that the Turkish economy had quadrupled in the last decade was proof of the lack of corruption, Lambsdorff said this was "unconvincing.
British Prime Minister David Cameron has recently described this argument as the "golden thread" of development, which draws in issues such as stable government, lack of corruption, human rights, the rule of law and transparent information.
Cameroon is the most corrupted country in the world, while Sweden is first by the lack of corruption.
Although New Zealand's' economy reaches only US$162 billion in scale, the smallest among the top 10 on the list, it secures first place in four of the 11 evaluation items, including personal freedom, investment protection, level of red tape, and lack of corruption.