lack of decision

See: indecision
References in classic literature ?
In the conduct of this great enterprise he had seen a deplorable levity of outlook, a fatal lack of decision, an absence of any reasoned plan.
One of the major barriers is their lack of decision making that makes them independent on permissions from male household members.
Lack of decision making could affect the projects like bringing out-of-school children in the ambit of formal education and school reforms programme, the official pointed out.
The official said the government had to revise almost all the targets because of ensuing higher fiscal deficit on the lack of decision making during a prolonged political transition.
"But a lack of quality cost us and a lack of decision making.
class="MsoNormalLet me also mention that lack of commitment could be the result of or a lack of decision on whether the other partner sees you as the one they would like to spend their life with.
The Asian Development Bank had given nod to provide a concessionary loan for the up-gradation of power transmission and distribution system after the fulfillment of the condition of installation pre-paid meters in the jurisdiction of financially viable power distribution companies including Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) and Islamabad Electric Supply Company IESCO) for which a loan of $ 400 million has already been sanctioned but not yet disbursed due to lack of decision on the installation of smart electricity meters.
The Government of Law and Justice will consistently implement actions that aim to overcome long-term negligence and the lack of decision to support the Navy by the government ministers of the coalition PO-PSL.
The lack of decision by his department in government has left everyone in Stirling unsure of what is happening.
Stress, or even thinking about future stressful situations, can cause such fear it leads to a bad decision or lack of decision. We don't like to think about bad things happening and we believe these things only happen to other people.
Asked whether the lack of decision making was due to a belief that the school was not needed, a Surrey County Council spokesman said: "No decisions have been made yet but our main priority is protecting the future education of existing pupils and if it does close we will guarantee places for all of them at other schools."
Sukuk, Eurobond issuance awaits finance minister's green signal| (The News): A lack of decision could delay the issuance of much-needed sukuk and Eurobond, planned simultaneously in November, as authorities await the final green light from Finance Minister Ishaq Dar.