lack of depth

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All the windows were in the front of the house, for its small size and lack of depth from back to front made other openings unnecessary.
They want a well-stocked squad after a lack of depth up front wrecked their bid to finish in the top 10 last term.
When they were having to play four Barclays Premier League matches in about ten days there was a possibility that the lack of depth, especially in the defensive side of play, might resurface.
In fact, the US seems to be in danger of once again going down the usual rutted path driven by Obama's lack of depth and clarity when it comes to his Middle East policies.
Macclesfield's lack of depth is starting to show and a third successive defeat could be on the cards.
Moreover, the lack of depth at the Mumbai Port prevents large ships to anchor at the harbour for unloading cargo and the coal is brought into the port by way of large barges.
Part of the problem was a lack of depth at linebacker, and the team's backups were not strong on special teams.
The recording, aired on Monday, shows Mourinho commenting on Chelsea's lack of depth up front and questioning the age of Cameroon forward Eto'o.
John Sutton hopes the lack of depth in Motherwell's squad doesn't cost them in the race for second spot.
He added that his side had a lack of depth that really frustrated him during the game.
At the start of the season we targeted a top four position, but a lack of depth in the bowling department has meant we have struggled to bowl sides out and dropped points in drawn games.
Unless Ferguson addresses his squad's lack of depth he leaves himself exposed to another crisis later in the season.