lack of education

See: ignorance
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Vasili Andreevich shook his head disapprovingly at what Nikita was doing, as in general he disapproved of the peasant's stupidity and lack of education, and he began to settle himself down for the night.
My article showed my lack of education, but when he criticizes he scatters pearls!"
The results of a baseline survey conducted by the team in another village in the area, identified poverty, lack of education including health education, almost universal use of gutka, lack of water, sanitation and hygiene as major issues affecting the populations health.
The chairman identified some of the probable causes of malnutrition as lack of food, improper feeding, caring practices, economic and political structures, low status and lack of education, among women.
For years, rebel groups have cited the lack of education opportunities as an argument to bring in new recruits into their fold.
Despite an increase in acceptance, there is a lack of education and research guiding cannabis usage in the health care industry.
Lack of education is only one of the problems faced by these Lamu residents.
The visit to the Ministry of Education was conducted by the Helmand Meshranois in Helmand province, lack of education, lack of teachers, lack of school buildings, shared the problem of lack of textbooks with the Minister of Education and their supervisors and solutions Were killed.
Lack of education and vocational skills, coupled with a serious lack of opportunities in the country, is widely believed to be one of the reasons that Pakistan has a relatively low employment rate.
The EU Humanitarian Commissioner addresses the lack of education in emergencies and launches #School4All
Kevin Mountford, boss at Raisin, said: "A lack of education and awareness have left a large portion in a vulnerable position with their financial future.
Is it not an irony that the province with such attributes has been suffering from lack of education; a large number of its children are out of school?