lack of enthusiasm

See: pessimism
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The poor dame, very much infatuated with her daughter, like any other silly mother, did not perceive the officer's lack of enthusiasm, and strove in low tones to call his attention to the infinite grace with which Fleur-de-Lys used her needle or wound her skein.
I shock respectable sextons by the imperturbability I am able to assume before exciting inscriptions, and by my lack of enthusiasm for the local family history, while my ill-concealed anxiety to get outside wounds their feelings.
Then, after an innocent pause, which unconsciously betrayed some lack of enthusiasm, Ruby Adams added:
But there was a lack of enthusiasm, intensity and aggression: they're a lot poorer than people realise.
Socialist party secretary-general Jean-Christophe Cambadelis acknowledged a lack of enthusiasm among supporters, as many who did not come and vote on the policy statements.
Lack of sleep can hit concentration and homework and cause moodiness and lack of enthusiasm.
But my lack of enthusiasm for the staging of England games away from London's ghastly, corporate Wembley does not come wholly from my apathy about the national team.
Last week Jess and Rudy's relationship hit a setback that has absolutely nothing to do with superpowers and everything to do with Rudy's lack of enthusiasm about fatherhood.
Some divorcees also asserted that couples should remember to indulge in romantic time, avoid fighting over little things, and not show lack of enthusiasm while in bed.
It's possible that you would benefit from a little soul-searching to discover where this lack of enthusiasm comes from, so that a targeted strategy can be put in place.
President Barack Obama is the uncontested winner of the Democratic nomination, but results from Tuesday night's Arkansas and Kentucky primaries show an embarrassing lack of enthusiasm from his own party in areas he has traditionally struggled in.
An IPO planned to occur in 2011 was put off indefinitely, with government officials saying one obstacle is lack of enthusiasm among Turkish and foreign investors because of the company's relatively low profitability.