lack of enthusiasm

See: pessimism
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I shock respectable sextons by the imperturbability I am able to assume before exciting inscriptions, and by my lack of enthusiasm for the local family history, while my ill-concealed anxiety to get outside wounds their feelings.
The poor dame, very much infatuated with her daughter, like any other silly mother, did not perceive the officer's lack of enthusiasm, and strove in low tones to call his attention to the infinite grace with which Fleur-de-Lys used her needle or wound her skein.
Then, after an innocent pause, which unconsciously betrayed some lack of enthusiasm, Ruby Adams added:
In spite of Rose's three long years with Martin his lack of enthusiasm was like a sharp stab.
And after Daniel rows with Sinead about her lack of enthusiasm for their wedding, he confides in Bethany and the chemistry between them gets hard for either of them to ignore.
Not only in Wales is there a lack of enthusiasm towards the importance of electrified rail in future green transport plans: the UK government has rejected plans to connect the proposed HS2 London to Birmingham high speed rail line to the HS1 line from London to the channel tunnel.
This "lack of enthusiasm" is symptomatic of the turbulent history of CCUS in the UK, and the lack of policy support for the technology, despite a decade of increasingly urgent calls from official bodies and parliamentary inquiries to bring forward its deployment, said the report.
The report cited an anonymous source saying that the agenda has been in the both countries' consideration for some time, but was stalled due to a 'perceived lack of enthusiasm from Malaysia'.
It took him two days to condemn them - and both his opponents and far-right figures pointed out his lack of enthusiasm.
Berman spoke of the lack of enthusiasm among American Jews for either candidate in an interview with Arutz Sheva.
But there was a lack of enthusiasm, intensity and aggression: they're a lot poorer than people realise.
Socialist party secretary-general Jean-Christophe Cambadelis acknowledged a lack of enthusiasm among supporters, as many who did not come and vote on the policy statements.