lack of excess

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Factor in the lack of excess fabric and those adjustable spaghetti straps and boom: sexy and perfect-fitting, too," a description of the bikini reads.
In ruling on the television giant's plea, the appellate court stressed that judicial review on decisions of the NLRC only centers on issues of lack of excess jurisdiction and grave abuse of discretion.
Note that in the design of public areas with limited space and the lack of excess land today increasingly important role is played by container gardening.
As part of his encore Elton sang I'm Still Standing and despite a life with no lack of excess he certainly is.
The lack of excess capacity also affects prices paid for biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing services.
" All informal practices of similar import and effect, which the court similarly deems to be acts of grave abuse of discretion amounting to lack of excess of discretion.
* The power cuts which hit the country in August 2012 (the first in more than a decade), after a technical failure in the Chinese-built Lakvijaya coal power, highlighted the lack of excess generation capacity needed to avert a power crunch.
Ashworth gives the example of licensed Olympics merchandise, of which there seems to be no lack of excess inventory.
That might be too much to hope for, but at least the lack of excess funds may make it more rational.
The lack of excess stress and depressive symptoms was "extremely surprising," according to Dr.
The carnivore's favorite of the evening, it would be an understatement to call this dish hearty, but what saved it from being overwhelming was the lack of excess oil.
And his lack of excess baggage certainly allows him to race about the court, his deft flicks and precision lobs proving exactly how he reached the semi-finals of the French Open in 1999.