lack of excess

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Neither Ballast Nedam, nor the Joint Bookrunners, nor Rabobank as Subscription, Listing and Paying Agent nor any person procuring purchases for the Rump DRs, will be responsible for any lack of Excess Amount arising from any placement of the Rump DRs in the Rump Offering.
That might be too much to hope for, but at least the lack of excess funds may make it more rational.
40% of survey respondents are worried about saving enough for their own retirement, but they are not clear on the true costs and there is a lack of excess income to put toward future goals.
The lack of excess stress and depressive symptoms was "extremely surprising," according to Dr.
The carnivore's favorite of the evening, it would be an understatement to call this dish hearty, but what saved it from being overwhelming was the lack of excess oil.
And his lack of excess baggage certainly allows him to race about the court, his deft flicks and precision lobs proving exactly how he reached the semi-finals of the French Open in 1999.
Just like her best work, Childs's very presence is somehow (to the likes of me, at least) chastening in its exquisite abstemiousness, its complete lack of excess, either physical or emotional.
With all of the notes undercollateralized and the lack of excess spread-diverting features at this time, there is currently no benefit to being more senior in the capital structure.
Looking forward, Schlumberger said the need for technology and the geographical extent of the supply response to today's lack of excess capacity plays to the strengths of the company.