lack of expectation

See: pessimism
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The lack of expectation seemed to give Apollon an air of confidence in the opening third of the game but it would soon turn to complacency.
e 32-year-old midelder reckons the lack of expectation on Roy Hodgson's men, who kick o with a Group D clash against Italy in Manaus tonight, will give the freedom to express themselves.
Roy Hodgson's England approach the finals almost refreshed from the lack of expectation which swirls around his relatively young and inexperienced squad following the torment and tribulations of the 2010 campaign.
Mutual giving may be the basis of true friendship, but we see that it must have an absolute lack of expectation of return as its condition.
Long Run often wore cheekpieces before and owner Robert Waley-Cohen is enjoying the lack of expectation which has accompanied him to Kempton in the past.
Arteta added: "I wouldn't say the lack of expectation on us took the pressure off.
However, Stokes believes the lack of expectation might work to Celtic's advantage.
That has led sections of the media and many fans to be downbeat about England's chances this time around and while Hodgson admits that lack of expectation could prove a positive thing, he wants his players to trust themselves.
I still think there will be a lot of interest in them at those odds and maybe, just maybe, the lack of expectation will play right into their hands.
ALAN SHEARER believes the lack of expectation surrounding England's Euro 2012 campaign might work in their favour as they began preparations today under new manager Roy Hodgson.
Now keep this to yourself because I don't want to spark any kind run on the Euros, but doesn't the complete lack of expectation actually make you feel England might do quite well?
This lack of expectation on the part of women is also found in Waldekar's thirteen-year-old daughter, Prammy, the narrator of "In Her Prime.