lack of faith

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Besides she knew his vanity, his pride and his lack of faith.
If you look at the referendum that took place, it is clear people have very genuine and legitimate concerns about the way we do our politics, about devolution, and a lack of faith in our institutions.
A smaller but still significant percentage of respondents demonstrate their lack of faith through action: 37 percent of respondents agree or strongly that they try to pay cash to avoid giving companies their credit card information.
What is concerning is not the lack of faith in Cook, but the short-sightedness and knee-jerk reaction of investors.
My comments have been construed by some as a lack of faith in credit union leadership, which is not at all what I intended, nor what I believe, and for that I apologize.
Whatever our faith or lack of faith we all share the same planet and such actions may help to confront our prejudices if indeed they exist in the first place.
A FIFTH of patients who attended A&E departments in Southport and Ormskirk in March have expressed a lack of faith in the service they received.
The Santiago Bernabeu outfit are reported to be keen on taking advantage of the Merseysiders' seeming lack of faith shown on Sterling, as he is still yet to be offered an improved contract, still receiving a modest weekly wage of [pounds sterling]30,000 despite having a crucial role in the Reds squad.
But differences of faith can - at least potentially - lead to more reasoned discussion than a lack of faith on one side or the other.
He's brought this on himself by the public's complete lack of faith in him, and his inept, corrupt, Chicago-style administration.
Prior's in their sights for "worrying hip-replacement people that his choice reveals a lack of faith in NHS practices".
Responding to consultations on a table valuation system, Mr James said the proposals demonstrated a lack of faith by Cardiff in its current bTB control measures.