lack of faith

References in classic literature ?
Two things caused him anguish: his lack of purity and his lack of faith.
Besides she knew his vanity, his pride and his lack of faith.
Mr Bolton, who was only elected in September 2017, was sacked after party members voted by 867 to 500 to express their lack of faith in his ability to lead the party.
Even Jesus is amazed at their lack of faith and hardness of heart.
Doesn't it denote a lack of faith and hope in this nation's leaders for countless women to leave their families to work in danger zones abroad?
I agree with the bishop that defections from the church have to do with "a [growing] lack of faith.
He deserves it, not least for having the mental fortitude to keep going in the face of what appears to have been a lack of faith among his bosses in England.
Israel Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon announced his resignation Friday, citing lack of faith in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhayu.
What is concerning is not the lack of faith in Cook, but the short-sightedness and knee-jerk reaction of investors.
My comments have been construed by some as a lack of faith in credit union leadership, which is not at all what I intended, nor what I believe, and for that I apologize.
Whatever our faith or lack of faith we all share the same planet and such actions may help to confront our prejudices if indeed they exist in the first place.
But differences of faith can - at least potentially - lead to more reasoned discussion than a lack of faith on one side or the other.