lack of feeling

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In keeping with this complete lack of feeling, De Gregorio confirmed also that FIFA's 65th Congress will go ahead as planned tomorrow in Zurich and that the brazen Blatter will indeed go up against Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan in the latest presidential election.
This lack of feeling can lead to increased blood flow along with nerve problems in the foot, which can result in development of Charcot foot.
What else can we do to show our complete lack of feeling.
Here, all we know is that she's doing something bad, and has no human feeling (that lack of feeling is most shockingly portrayed in a scene that involves a couple with a baby.
Within this chapter, as in the rest of Mansfield Park, Fanny's intensity of feeling is set against the lack of feeling of others.
Threatening job losses if your terms are not agreed to is not acceptable and shows a total lack of feeling for staff.
These include: unsafe movement, such as stepping too high over a hazard; a lack of feeling safe due to vision loss; and increased social isolation and an increased risk of falling.
Having experienced agonising pain, suffering from a lack of feeling in much of his feet, and having banked over PS170,000 for good causes, most people may have said enough was enough.
As well as the injuries that led to the amputation surgery, he had sustained a serious shoulder injury which, despite further operations, left him with numbness and a lack of feeling in his arm.
He made a recovery but said he since suffered lack of feeling, had to undergo physiotherapy and took painkillers.
After years of practice, grief became emptiness, a lack of feeling, a lack of emotion, an absence of love.
Reviewers praised The Informant as a welcome revival of the Butcher's Boy and everything he represents about Perry's writing: a complex but uncluttered logic puzzle plot as well as a central character who is fascinating in his lack of feeling for anyone else.