lack of feeling

See: brutality
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I am not sure which is worse - his lack of feeling or care for the just about managing, or his gross stupidity.
Last night, his former friends were still asking where his "violence and lack of feeling" came from when he appeared so unremarkable on the surface.
Kayla may be forced to reveal to Paul that his fall is certainly responsible for the sudden lack of feeling in his legs, but she may also wind up having to tell him that it may not be a temporary situation, and it could be something permanent.
Now combine this with lack of feeling or sensation, and the toes and feet become candidates for ulcers or sores.
He told her: "You treated him with a callous lack of feeling, without any regard for his dignity.
What else can we do to show our complete lack of feeling. Kill the elderly, shoot the infirm, murder the sick?
Here, all we know is that she's doing something bad, and has no human feeling (that lack of feeling is most shockingly portrayed in a scene that involves a couple with a baby.
Within this chapter, as in the rest of Mansfield Park, Fanny's intensity of feeling is set against the lack of feeling of others.
Threatening job losses if your terms are not agreed to is not acceptable and shows a total lack of feeling for staff.
These include: unsafe movement, such as stepping too high over a hazard; a lack of feeling safe due to vision loss; and increased social isolation and an increased risk of falling.
He made a recovery but said he since suffered lack of feeling, had to undergo physiotherapy and took painkillers.
It's a world with a feral-like lack of feeling and no compassion.