lack of fidelity

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Fabella said the two lawyers were liable for 'negligence and lack of fidelity, care, and devotion to the cause of their client.
Gentamicin's ability to induce a lack of fidelity in gene transcription, intrinsic to its antimicrobial mechanism of action, can be leveraged in the correction of certain human genetic mutations that lead to rare genetic disorders.
On December 3, 2012, Boehner demonstrated his lack of fidelity to that promise by politically ostracizing some of the most staunch constitutionalists in the House.
This lack of fidelity information greatly limits interpretation of outcomes assessment results and, ultimately, evaluation of the planned program (Ball & Christ, 2012).
By the same token, their breaches of the law, and their legal maneuvering to reinterpret what proved difficult or undesirable, were regarded as a lack of fidelity to the God who called forth their love.
Program designers, program implementers, and program evaluators often seem surprised about this lack of fidelity even though, over 30 years ago, we learned that complex programs go through a process of "mutual adaptation" in which both developers and implementers make adjustments to work more effectively (Berman and McLaughlin 1978).
Lack of fidelity to quality-assurance (QA) principles
Argetsinger found serious deficiencies in this digital revival: a lack of fidelity to the original types of Garamond and Granjon, a failure to compensate for the lack of ink-spread in offset printing, and a single set of digital matrices compelled to represent the font in every size.
That someone may read The Secret River and be prompted to think more critically about Australia's colonial past should ultimately be applauded, not decried on the ground of lack of fidelity to sources.
Although the book's principal flaw is a lack of fidelity to its proposed theory, it also suffers from more than occasional errors in fact.
We do not yet know why pair bonds mean so little to kingbirds, but lack of fidelity appears to be pervasive among migratory perching birds.
Finally, there is the "Interior Turk," which was seen as lack of fidelity to Christian values in the individuals--that is, lack of Christian charity, kindness, and love to one's fellow man, even the "external Turk" as symbolic of Satan's control of men's hearts--that is, divorcing the man from the deed and hate the sin but love the sinner.