lack of force

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There was a lack of force, but in retrospect sexual assault is a pretty good classification.
The Provincial Disaster Management Authority has very limited resources and lack of force ,adding that the provincial government of PTI increase bomb disposable squad in every district and in the coming future PDMA will be more strengthen across the province while police department would also be involve in such disaster for the relief Ghani added.
Due to the asymmetry between bia's necessary-but-impossible compulsion and rhetoric's possible-and-impossible dunamis, rhetoric's force entails a lack of force that will always lag behind the zero-degree necessity of violence that acts upon the completely impossible.
In the confusion, Manchester United loanee De Laet managed to get his head to the ball but its lack of force allowed Peter Odemwingie to slip past him and stroke the ball beyond stranded Norwich keeper Declan Rudd.
Indeed, the only real criticisms relate to the lack of force that rioters and looters have faced from officers on the ground.
He said these included the government's lack of force density, the prospect of urban warfare of fighting reach Benghazi, lengthy mop-up actions and long supply lines.
And Australia's reverse to New Zealand at Eden Park was not because of a lack of force in the pack at the set-piece and breakdown but, in part, because of too much aggression there.
When you send out a six-man team, you must make up for the lack of force protection and firepower.
The lack of force protection at the range complex also needed to be addressed, Up until this point, the area had never been occupied by a sizeable force, so the modest security measures had been adequate.
Whether she's balancing or turning on pointe, or extending a leg in the air, or taking her partner's band, it's with an absolute clarity and yet an utter lack of force or strain.
By contrast, law enforcement came under considerable criticism for exhibiting a decided lack of force during the initial stages of the riots, which some observers claim allowed the unrest to escalate beyond control.
In the spirit of bipartisanship, Rattner gave the same treatment to George Shultz in a profile that appeared in 1980, when Shultz was still chairman at Bechtel: "The lack of force in Mr.