lack of good taste

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But the people carrying their guns around here today, it just shows a lack of good taste. The idiots with the Confederate flag, the pickup trucks, the honking - all of that just shows a lack of class.
In short, many of their relationship problems are self inflicted, due to lack of good taste.
Gates was further irked by a new biography that made sure Jobs got his last few digs in, needling Gates about his lack of good taste.
We are likewise confronted not only with bad judgment and the moral decay of the smug egotism driving contemporary social and political life but also by the appalling lack of good taste and good sense.
I despair of their lack of good taste at one of Bright's favourite country watering holes and I refrain from naming the guilty parties as frankly there were so many of them - suffice to say a riotous night was had by all.
Let style and a lack of good taste be your guide on color selection.