lack of harmony

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1994 -- An Amiri Decree was issued stipulating dissolution of the Municipal Council for irregularities and lack of harmony among its members.
At the three clubs mentioned, it is obvious that a lack of harmony at the top tier of management, including the owner, has resulted in the managerial casualty.
Domestic violence in its different forms -- oral, moral and physical -- and the lack of harmony and understanding between husbands and wives and fathers and mothers have been leading to the collapse of families, according to Prosecutor-General Mohammad Ali Rustom, Head of Family and Juveniles Prosecution [FJP] in Dubai.
The meeting witnessed increased calls for the integration of the financial regulation as many participants felt that due to lack of harmony among the rules of various regulators, it was not only difficult to come up with new products and services but there were also considerable delays.
Social factors can vary from lack of harmony, disparity in culture, domestic violence and parental intervention.
The lack of harmony between him and the mullahs was a major reason.
However, this lack of harmony is expected to change when Ofsted introduces its proposed new common inspection framework (CIF) in September across early years, schools and Further Education.
The lack of harmony between appreciating these values and the daily struggles against the factors mentioned above prevented democracy and modernisation from reaching the region; the west was accused of exporting certain values that are not keeping with the cultural and the religious values of the Arab world, for the purpose of westernising the Arab populations.
While the recent training ground row suggested a lack of harmony between players, it was more the lack of ability to take control of the situation that is thought to have concerned the powers-that-be at the Liberty.
A lack of harmony reigned throughout large chunks of the game, in the second half mainly among the Salam Zgharta players.
New Delhi: Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja have apologised for their on-field spat during the Tri-series match against the West Indies, which sparked off a debate about lack of harmony in the Indian dressing room.
City's financial backers have been especially concerned at the lack of harmony between leading players and Mancini.