lack of honor

See: dishonor, shame
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The lack of courage on display by this administration, coupled with the complete lack of honor displayed by this do-nothing Congress, is appalling.
Here, the two authors are similar in maintaining that a lack of honor lessens one's virtuous acts.
Their propaganda about Western depravity, lack of honor and corruption can only be legitimized by Western officials displaying depravity, lack of honor and corruption.
He writes, "We have been relatively quiet regarding our ex-chaplain's untruthfulness and lack of honor because we are embarrassed that one of our own could display such behavior in the name of our Lord.
And Newt, not protesting his lack of honor for Republicans for their current, slight victory, knows that and keeps his mouth shut.
But on the same edition of "Meet the Press" where Bill Bennett proclaimed the "Death of Outrage" Patricia Ireland of the National Organization for Women said that, although the President's behavior had been "disgusting" and "repugnant" she agreed with Representative Conyers that there had been no lack of honor on his part.
At the heart of Clinton's problems is his lack of honor.