lack of incentive

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He cited the shortage of finance, shallowness of investment opportunities, lack of incentive programs for small and medium businesses, ambiguity of procedures, lack of benefiting from foreign investors experience and difficulty of finding skilled labor force as among the obstacles facing the promising businesses.
The hosts were never under any pressure as their place in the league final was already secured, but that lack of incentive didn't stop Eoin Donnellan from continuing his fine run of form as he ended the game with 1-10, including 1-7 from play.
In addition, it is seriously influenced by the deterioration of the ecologic- ameliorative condition of land, the lack of incentive for farmers to implement water-saving technologies and failure of necessary reclamation works," the minister said.
The Commission also noted that the transaction would not raise competition concerns on the downstream markets for cell phone or internet phone equipment given the limited market share of Ericsson's competitors, who depend on Nortel MSSs, and Ericsson's lack of incentive to engage in such a strategy.
In the European Union, public procurement represents over 17 per cent of gross domestic product: however procurement in the UK is not typically driving innovation, mainly due to the strict application of European procurement rules and the lack of incentive to encourage procurers to take risks.
Second, a lack of rigorous evidence about both the costs and effects of higher education practices intersects with a lack of incentive to use cost-effectiveness as a way to guide decision-making.
If it is too low, there's a lack of incentive to invest in alternative sources of energy.
He blamed weak voluntary schemes and a lack of incentive for public sector caterers to take action.
The Swiss, 12-5 with Betdirect, would love to sign off on a high and this, combined with the visitors' lack of incentive could prompt a flurry of bets on the 12-5 Betfred offer for the spoils to be shared.
In a Senate hearing earlier this month, representatives from the real estate industry lamented the lack of incentive for installation of self protection measures.
During the retailer's earnings call, David Barnes, RadioShack's chief financial officer, attributed wireless in-store sluggishness to four factors: difficult year-over-year comparisons for the Sprint PCS business; lack of new technology, such as camera features, in the category this year; lack of incentive bonuses from its carrier partners due to soft unit growth; and a shift toward lower-revenue prepaid plans versus higher revenue-generating post-paid products.
One barrier to implementation may be lack of incentive to change by operating room personnel.