lack of justice

See: lynch law
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The lack of justice has created such disasters in the world," Ahmadinejad said in August, adding that based on the statistical figures released by international organizations, 3 billion from the world's 7-billion-strong population live in poverty and 1.
The events have been triggered by the lack of justice and the inaction of institutions, he stressed.
Even as we celebrate Eid-ul-Azha it saddens me that so many of our people are living in despair and misery brought by unemployment, low wages or lack of justice.
Otherwise too, she said public is little concerned about Faces in judiciary and more about how to contain lack of justice.
He referred to the "callous investigations and innocent Muslims being identified as terrorists," and said that there was lack of justice in the 2006 serial blasts which killed 37 people.
Families of victims and members of the public have often been critical of what they perceive to be a lack of justice in such road deaths.
Her distraught mother Rose said: "I cannot believe that there can be such a lack of justice for us and more importantly for Rachel.
He said, "The lack of justice for Mr and Mrs Taylor, their family and friends is a matter of deep regret both for me personally and the Metropolitan Police as a whole.
One reason must be the growing culture of self-assertion and violence in our communal life and the lack of justice.
The lack of justice and punishment of those responsible for killing Egyptians since the beginning of the January 2011 revolution is what led to the killing of even more protesters," said Heba Yassin, a media spokesperson for the Popular Current, confirming the group's participation in the protest.
He slammed the current and former ministers of finance and denounced the lack of justice in the money distribution saying they do it according to their whims.
People feel disgusted with corruption, with the total lack of justice, with political parties, who believe that elections are won not with ideas but with trading votes for free kebabs.