lack of justice

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He admitted that Ukraine was going through a crucial and difficult period with widespread corruption, lack of justice and respect for rights, as well as lack of assistance for young people.
Hungary's "handshake revolution" did not hold former officials accountable, sparking a "culture war" which suggests that a lack of justice "backfired in many ways," said Dettke.
aSince I arrived here, I have been hearing about corruption, oligarchy, lack of justice in the institutionsa work and despair,a Reding said at a public Citizens' Dialogue in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, as cited by local media.
These reflections on the justice or lack of justice (depending on one's perspective) associated with name suppression have been fuelled by the Gravatt case.
Emphasis was placed in this campaign, on the offense of collusion in government tenders and their negative impact on the economy and increase in the awareness and understanding of the need to stimulate competition and anti-manipulation for bidding through the activation of the principle of equal opportunities for all installations, the disclosure of agreements in different forms, the damage resulting from this practice to raise prices without justification, the lack of justice in the market, and creating fake competitive environment that is not based on true and fair competition between the parties concerned.
This community meeting will change nothing in the minds of our communities -- the revenge is caused by lack of justice and mistrust to the state government of which public is showing low support to state government," said Ater.
That sense of a lack of justice must only compound the grief and heartache suffered every day by his wife and kids and the family he left behind.
While electricity cuts and dwindling water supplies have also contributed to growing dissatisfaction, the lack of justice and any sincere political representation of citizens' needs have remained the most pressing issues.
The council's are seen as a tool to resolve sectarian problems but the EIPR research reports that the lack of justice the sessions deliver mean that a proper resolution of a dispute is not arrived at.
The report details the serious human rights violations and abuses that continue in eastern Ukraine, including shelling, executions, arbitrary and illegal detentions, torture, ill-treatment, human trafficking and a lack of justice and accountability.
and the past outcomes exacerbate the community's frustration with the lack of justice in the deaths of the young men.
Most were persuaded that lack of justice meant lack of statehood.