lack of knowledge

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From that moment, though he did not distinctly face it, and still went on living as before, Levin had never lost this sense of terror at his lack of knowledge.
He vaguely felt, too, that what he called his new convictions were not merely lack of knowledge, but that they were part of a whole order of ideas, in which no knowledge of what he needed was possible.
She looked away into the fire; it seemed to her that even physically they were now scarcely within speaking distance; and spiritually there was certainly no human being with whom she could claim comradeship; no dream that satisfied her as she was used to be satisfied; nothing remained in whose reality she could believe, save those abstract ideas--figures, laws, stars, facts, which she could hardly hold to for lack of knowledge and a kind of shame.
The Bible says because of lack of knowledge my people perish.
Kami Sid spoke of her journey and Sana Yasir shed light on the lack of knowledge that leads to ignorance and ultimately indifference towards transgender people.
Sometimes it may be due to lack of knowledge or sheer laziness, other times it can just be the convenience of junk food, instead of healthier options.
ABM UK director Adam Baker said: "We were shocked to find a genuine lack of knowledge on apprenticeships amongst parents, and that many still consider them to be a last resort for children who fail their exams.
The twitteratis perceived such comments as highly 'irresponsible' and criticised Khan on his lack of knowledge of the ideology and movement.
A high proportion of households who cited lack of knowledge on the use of internet was reported in West Pokot at 85.1 per cent, Siaya-83.3 per cent, Kitui 78.9 per cent and Machakos-73.3 per cent.
Given the report comes from Highways England, I'm not surprised at their lack of knowledge of the area, being London-centred.
Given the report comes from Highways England I'm not surprised at their lack of knowledge of the area being London-centred.
He said that the rate of Hepatitis-B and Hepatitis-C is increasing in the country particularly in Sindh due to lack of knowledge about its prevention.