lack of knowledge

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The person who demonstrates the most appalling lack of knowledge will win a night out for themselves and their colleagues at O'Neill's.
What have parishioners complained about in the past regarding their priests' lack of knowledge or inability to offer decent counselling, by virtue of the fact that they are not married?
The study identified three major gaps in the scientific basis of the rule: a lack of knowledge about potential human health effects and exposure, a need for an updated risk assessment-of chemical contaminants, and a need to assess the risk posed by pathogens in sludge.
The lack of technical, trade and post-secondary skills among the local workforce was cited as business's greatest concern, as well as lack of knowledge on resources and financial aid available through community futures programs and the Business Development Bank of Canada.
It sounds scary to say "high explosives," but this statement would reflect the threatener's lack of knowledge, again suggesting low commitment and lack of ability to carry out the threat.
Whether it's a case of the government looking out for its own first, or simply a lack of knowledge about the spread of anthrax, there's little argument that we must have more stringent safety measures in the Postal Service system.
Of course, many if not most couples will tell you that you never really know the person you marry until after you've been together for a while, but this ground speaks not to the natural process of getting to know each other but to a serious lack of knowledge of your spouse.
Rather, the taxpayer must show lack of knowledge of the transactions that gave rise to the understatement.
While lack of knowledge that payroll taxes are due may be reasonable cause that an individual's actions in not paying taxes were not willful, the applicability ofthisjustlfication is extremely limited.
Apparently, the root of the problem is the top communicator's lack of knowledge, particularly knowledge of evaluation research, segmentation of publics and environmental scanning.
Another problem plagues clinicians and researchers trying to come up with new treatments for ischemia: the lack of knowledge regarding the molecular changes underlying the disorder.
Lack of knowledge of dependencies between the software produced during a build cycle and the appropriate regression suites means the organization must run the entire set of regression tests, costing the organization time-to-market and valuable resources.