lack of maintenance

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I want to know how FEMA defines lack of maintenance, especially in the context of the Independent Forensic Teams report on the dam.
A brief inspection showed the cottage had deteriorated due to neglect and lack of maintenance.
A rescue team rushed to the spot and found that the lift was stuck between floors due to technical fault caused by lack of maintenance.
More than half of all patrol vehicles are unused due to lack of maintenance due to the "disastrous budgetary situation" in Bulgaria which has repercussions on border security amid the migrant crisis, Der Spiegel quotes the report as saying.
Critics argue that a lack of maintenance and a shortage of spare parts due to strict currency controls that crimp imports have left refineries chronically operating well below capacity.
There was a lack of maintenance of infrastructure providing electricity, water, sanitation, communications, drainage and flood prevention networks, he said.
One of the machines has broken down and the other is expected to be halted through lack of maintenance within a few days.
The daily detected road damage caused by the lack of maintenance in places like the immediate neighbourhood of the Khalifa al-Attiya interchange in Mamourah.
He mentioned that the current capacity of installed power plants in Pakistan was 21000 megawatt while the peak consumption was around 14,000 megawatts, however due to mismanagement, lack of maintenance and issues related to circular debt the capacity has never been fully utilized.
But residents said said it probably resulted from "haphazard works" on the lower floors of the buildings, as well as a general lack of maintenance that is common in the area.
We used hot dip galvanizing on our steelwork due to its lack of maintenance requirements and long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion, helping to ensure the longevity of the buildings.
The railway network's poor safety record stems largely from a lack of maintenance and poor management.