lack of maintenance

See: disrepair
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After years of neglect and a lack of maintenance left local teams with nowhere to play, the parents in the Ayrshire town decided to take action.
But residents said said it probably resulted from "haphazard works" on the lower floors of the buildings, as well as a general lack of maintenance that is common in the area.
You describe the building as crumbling and derelict, it is only in this state due to the negligent lack of maintenance in the last 20 years.
The railway network's poor safety record stems largely from a lack of maintenance and poor management.
It is also fair to say that the bridge has been destroyed by the lack of maintenance of the waterways and the failure to remove timber by various agencies.
Minister Boronov instructed his deputy Alimbekov to conduct an internal investigation about lack of maintenance works on Chu river and to submit proposals for application of measures on leaders of the regional structures of the Ministry and other relevant bodies.
On the other hand, the educational circles are criticizing the project of the Punjab government, saying that the water filtration plants installed earlier have gone dysfunctional due to poor quality and lack of maintenance.
The blogger of the website, which is based on the administration's food campaigns, said that the lack of maintenance has had a dramatic impact on the kitchen garden, which is usually painstakingly cared for.
RAWALPINDI -- Over 150 Police Colony quarters have turned into ruins due to lack of maintenance work posing life threat to the low paid police employees and their families residing therein.
As a result, in summer, many car parts, including batteries, start to fall apart or fail as a result of the lack of maintenance, and consumer spending increase in tandem," Ali told Gulf News.
A member of the Kanika Complex management committee in the Enaerios area of Limassol who was also at the meeting, presented photographs to the House Interior Committee, indicating the lack of maintenance on an 11-floor building in the area.
Lamenting the lack of proper roads and lack of maintenance on existing ones, tourism operators in Uganda have called upon the government to help improve tourism in the nation.