lack of motion

See: inertia
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Long periods of immobility are another major risk factor, since lack of motion causes stagnation of the blood.
Playing "Lucky's Tale" is a fun experience due to the lack of motion.
This dynamic performance will be driven mainly by rising demand for analgesics amongst Czech consumers, being supported by the rising trend of self-medication and current hectic lifestyles with lack of motion.
Despite such corroborating testimony, the Terby White Spot's lack of motion caused many to immediately question its reality.
Fusing the bone relieves the pain but leaves the ankle in a fixed position, thereby placing increased stress on the adjacent joints of the foot that must compensate for the lack of motion at the ankle.
The systems are based on the premise that the lack of motion could be indicative of a fall or incapacity.
Once the bone has grown to solidify the joint, movement is limited and, hopefully, the lack of motion relieves pain.
The lack of motion helped neutralize any linebacker motion keys (Diag.
This chapter concludes with a section dedicated to each author individually For Calvino's Palomar interstitiality is not articulated by narrating the space in between destinations, for there is a total lack of motion between spaces, but rather when observations focus on the other' and its potential significance.
Between the final two fences, as Impek's dubious stamina reserves positively leaked, Moore sat still, his lack of motion in stark contrast to the frantic urgings of Richard Johnson aboard Behrajan, hero of this race 12 months earlier.
With SCI, the body compensates in one area for the lack of motion in another.
As the lack of motion in the gravity-free experiment shows, "all the kinetic energy injected by the piston is dissipated by the many collisions, so there is no kinetic energy to move the [cluster] particles," Falcon explains.