lack of movement

See: inertia
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American 17-year-old Caty McNally is the only player to have tested Williams, trying to push her illustrious opponent around the court in a bid to expose her perceived lack of movement.
Bilic may have been pleased with his team in the second half, but he was disappointed with the lack of movement in the final third in the first half.
"Almiron hasn't scored for Newcastle and one of the reasons why is his lack of movement.
The lack of movement in the stock suggests traders didn't have much faith in the reliability of the reporting.
The Saints gaffer's frustration over a lack of movement in the transfer market was evident following the side's loss to Lowland League side East Kilbride on Saturday.
The move follows the EU not extending stock market equivalence to Switzerland past a 30 June deadline after Brussels grew frustrated with a lack of movement on a proposed EUSwiss accord.
"There's a lack of movement and passing that we normally do.
Frustration over lack of movement of relatives is said to have been the primary reason for Somalis from Bula Hawa to bring down the wall.
Townsquare Media shares were off 5.1% on Wednesday, to $5.36, a downward move that only exacerbates lack of movement on NYSE for the company led by CEO Bill Wilson.
The exhibition witnessed the participation of 190 students of the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences, with 19 research teams presenting different scientific researches that tackled the various sides of the phenomenon of obesity and lack of movement.
Doctors are of the opinion that lack of movement and continued confinements are responsible for his back pain," the spokesman said.