lack of movement

See: inertia
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Total quantity or scope: Insulating device, equipped with alarm systems in case of lack of movement
1, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today, CUE-Teamster members held a press conference outside the Kollogian library on the UC-Merced campus to protest the lack of movement on their contract negotiations.
Emma Kwiatkowski, regional director at the firm said: "As Birmingham companies look to move on from the recession they are seeking candidates who are able to make an impact and assist in driving the company forward but a lack of movement means there is less fluidity in the jobs market.
The report also blamed the police chief for poor coordination between senior police officials and his lack of movement as he stayed in one spot only.
After she had gone to bed feeling unwell, he had became worried about her lack of movement around her room the following morning.
English was also keen to reassure Diamonds fans who may be worried about lack of movement on the transfer front that the club's plans are progressingnicely.
His size didn't stop Quinn regularly topping the scoring charts, and weight was a drawback for Jan Molby, who made up for his lack of movement in the Liverpool midfielder with a sublime range of passing.
5Stilian Petrov: Tried to probe but frustrated at lack of movement in front of him6Neil Lennon: Sat deep and started moves but struggled to pin down Ross when visitors broke6Alan Thompson: Didn't get involved as much as Celtic would have liked4John Hartson: Well handled by Wilson but remained threat while not at best6Chris Sutton: Looked rusty after missing a few games5Subs: Maciej Zurawski - Made little impact, 3.
The lack of movement is explained by the fact that the transfer has been anticipated for weeks and its impact on United's title hopes had already been factored into the price.
For example, pointing your toes and then bending your feet back towards your ankle is a good way to flex the tightened muscles caused by lack of movement.
Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble lodged a letter of resignation in the Assembly for his three Ministers, to come into effect from midnight last night, in protest at the lack of movement on IRA weapons.
Patients who take this dose could suffer hallucinations, agitation or lack of movement co-ordination, warn doctors working for the makers, Rhone Poulenc Rorer.