lack of observation

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The report also held the DPP responsible for the lack of observation and quality control despite the presence of fungus.
The presence of this prison and undocumented cases of prisoners, and the lack of observation from human rights organisations, suggest that the number of prisoners held might be more than the documented cases by Wiki Thawra.
Failure to ensure that operators are familiarised with MEWPs can lead to incorrect selection of controls, erratic and inconsistent use of those controls, and a lack of observation, all of which can result in accidents," he continued.
Another area of carelessness that many fall victim to from time to time, is a general lack of observation.
REGARDING the number of motorists being overtaken by the tide on the Holy Island causeway, lack of observation and common sense is proving very costly to our services.
But Brian was concerned by one failing exhibited by both competitors - lack of observation.
There are many reasons for believing that the planet may be more dynamic than previously thought, but the overwhelming lack of observation hinders any real conclusion as to how active the planet really is.
In reply, the spokesman of Iran's Civil Aviation Organization, Reza Jafarzadeh, told the Fars news agency, "Studies conducted during the last one or two decades on Tupolev crashes in Iran, indicate that human errors, and not a lack of observation of aviation standards by Iranian airlines, were the main cause of the incidents.
Alam Gul Kuchi, a representative of Kuchi community (nomads), said the recently constructed roads had damaged due to lack of observation by the officials concerned.
Jackie now wants to make sure the no other prisoner's life is put at risk by what she believes is lack of observation.
The lack of observation on the part of the burglar was laughable.
The officers' conclusion is that the collision occurred as a result of the very high speed of the BMW and in the absence of any other explanation from the defendant, the apparent lack of observation or reaction as the defendant's vehicle approached the rear of the Ford Escort.