lack of perception

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It causes a lack of perception and understanding of a whole segment of the church and a fear of women gaining more power.
Looking at the bigger picture, we see that there is a serious lack of perception about the main purpose of public awareness campaigns.
What we can do is use their adversity to change the system that allowed this atrocity and educate the people who have mistakenly equated blindness with a lack of perception, intellect, and judgment.
Neophytou said: The government's economic policy until today moved in the realm of inertia and lack of perception of the economy's real problems.
The report said the decline is thought to be due to consumer perception that preparation time for pork-based meals is lengthy as well as a lack of perception of pork as a healthy meat.
AoThere is a lack of perception about the urgency of this problem,Ao said Katsuichi Imai, a director of economic policy at the federation.
From my experience in Walker there is no lack of perception of the health or environmental benefits of cycling," said Will.
This lack of perception affects everything from behavior patterns and social interactions to personality and affects individuals across all realms of life.
2 percent might explain the lack of perception of economic progress.
Information is presented as to a lack of perception, inconsistent statements, and attacks on the character of a witness that gives the officer an idea of what to be prepared to encounter.
The mercenary team will play from the first-person perspective but will come with a ton of equipment designed to compensate for their lack of perception.