lack of piety

See: blasphemy
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amp;nbsp; If you define this sort of lack of piety as a "sin," then yes, the atheist sins by omission every minute of every day.
The sceptic finally realizes that he has suffered maltreatment from others, not because of any lack of divine justice, but because of his own lack of respect for the divine order and his own lack of piety towards the gods.
During a rally in Turkey's southeastern Siirt province on May 9, Erdoy-an approved of the crowd booing main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kylycdaroy-lu over his perceived lack of piety, something Erdoy-an has incited crowds to do many time before.
Similarly, there is no lack of piety in the Arab world from people who willingly abuse fellow Muslims, particularly from Africa, South East Asia and the Indian subcontinent--basically, those who are darker.
With rare candor and a refreshing lack of piety, first-timers and combat-weary veterans exhibit their camaraderie, euphoria and burnout as the camera documents their struggles with logistics, horror, death and self-doubt.
Classical biblical interpreters, like John Calvin, draw attention to our lack of piety, not to our lack of technical expertise, when they search for reasons for why we go wrong in Bible reading.
Wilhelm Raabe, more briefly treated, has, like Stifter, an interest in relics, archivists, and collectors, many withdrawn from the world, but exhibits a complete lack of piety towards old things; his collectors are not concerned with setting norms or with tranquillity.
Despite their lack of piety, suburban Jews felt compelled to participate in the religious affiliation that was seen as a cornerstone of American citizenship" (64).
WHEN JERRY FALWELL blamed the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on Americans' lack of piety, he spoke for many religious conservatives who believe that the failure to place God at the center of national life is responsible for crime, poverty, disease, and warfare.
He comments, "When they throw their cigarette butts and wrappers on the grounds, I can scarcely believe their lack of piety.
Needless to say, this brought about silliness and a lack of piety in the assembly.