lack of politeness

See: disrespect
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Mr Mitchell displayed an arrogance typical of this country's political classes and reacted angrily when he did not get his own way and, in doing so, he very probably showed a lack of politeness in his choice of words.
For instance, in Situation 3, native raters commented on "bother" as a cultural problem; however, nonnatives commented on the lack of politeness.
Of course, a lack of politeness is bad enough in itself, but what surprises me time and again is the shortsightedness displayed by many businesses.
Also there was the implied lack of politeness if I walked out; they could retaliate and walk out on me.
will review the content and nature of communications with Ms Baker to see if there was a lack of politeness and tolerance shown towards her.
Mr Ross, 51, said: "I was stunned by their complete lack of politeness.
The fan told me : "I was taken aback by what I took as a dismissive letter, showing total lack of politeness and absolutely not written in a tone I would expect from the chief executive of any organisation.