lack of possibility

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Parents of Bosniak students from Konjevic-Polje, protesting against the ban and lack of possibility to exercise their rights from October 9, 2013 to February 1, 2014, stayed in a makeshift tent in front of the OHR building in Sarajevo demanding answers from the international community whether Bosniak children are entitled to a national group of subjects in their schools.
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Detoyato said they are keeping an eye on these groups, despite the lack of possibility that the IS will put an extension in the Philippines.
The difficulty I have - and it's a lack of imagination, not a lack of possibility - is envisioning how holograms scale," he said.
The disadvantages are the lack of possibility for biopsy, and the lack of information about colour and texture of the lesion.
The greatest disadvantages of those exercise machines are uncontrolled muscle load variation due to the action of inertia forces and the lack of possibility to adopt load to the specific needs, what undoubtedly may be accessed by using load stabilising and control devices.
The negative tone in the 2010 outlook and the lack of possibility of much upside in the first quarter have worried investors, he said.
The overriding lack of possibility he depicts feels deeply foreign to the American imagination.
They concluded that journalists in these five countries are confronted with similar problems when it comes to their rights, censorship, self-censorship, the lack of possibility to get permanent employment, ie long-term contractual work...
The purchaser reserves the right, In justified cases, To change the scope of works covered by a single order to ensure the proper execution of the subject matter of the contract (eg when: - during the execution of the works it is stated that the existing subsoil is insufficient, - due to the lack of possibility of proper drainage of the area on which the works are being carried out, - the lack of inventory of subterranean artefacts, - at the request of the district councils and boards,