lack of power

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The lack of power has left hospitals depending on generators -- if they have them -- and has also shut the Caracas metro and virtually halted public transportation.
The Liaison Officer of Licence Electrical Contractors Association of Nigeria (LECAN), Chief Haruna Osike, while supporting the association, said government at all level have been making concerted effort to encourage people to learn a trade of their choice to be self-reliant, stressing that lack of power supply had continued to discourage them.
said the proposal to use emergency powers is just one of the options being looked into by the Department of Energy (DOE) to cushion the lack of power supply.
We do not want anyone to feel humiliated or weak because of their lack of power. At the same time, we are also committed to all institutions, be they legislative or executive," he concluded.
Although the rain eased on Sunday there, the lack of power and drinking water is making life impossible.
Ethiopia building dam It also comes amid a drive to ensure Africa's era of growth isn't brought to a halt by lack of power. According to the World Bank, sub-Saharan Africa, with its 800 million people, produces the same amount of power as Spain, home to 45 million.
Australia put in an emphatic forward performance at Twickenham to counter criticism of their lack of power, but this is another stern test for a team who have lacked consistency.
The supply of gasoline could drop 10 percent while some refineries are affected, mostly because of a lack of power, but that will not affect prices, he said.
B & M Stores had problems with its tills and Matalan had to cope with reduced lighting and a lack of power to some backroom areas.
However, he also attributed the lack of power cuts to the fact that people have begun going on holiday.
She also said Wales was leading the way in renewable energy planning applications, but that the process was being slowed down by lack of power.