lack of prejudice

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The manuscript was printed in a complete form in England, and created much discussion on this account, Melville being accused of bitterness; but he asserted his lack of prejudice. The passages referred to were omitted in the first and all subsequent American editions.
The party seeking to file a late claim bears the burden of proving a lack of prejudice to the debtor.
For liberalism is rooted in open-mindedness, lack of prejudice, and the favouring of moderate political and social reforms in any society.
As exporters of a meditative process that has already got for itself a day assigned for it, let our nation too show the world those same characteristics of understanding, tolerance, lack of prejudice, patience and quiet, Yoga brings.
Rule 45(d)(3)(A) does not provide that lack of prejudice is a consideration in deciding if a motion to quash is timely.
Equitable tolling is a type of equitable modification which "'focuses on the plaintiff's excusable ignorance of the limitations period and on [the] lack of prejudice to the defendant.'" Contrary to the analysis of the majority below, equitable tolling, unlike estoppel, does not require active deception or employer misconduct, but focuses rather on the employee with a reasonably prudent regard for his rights.
He said in a press statement he made in front of the AK Party building in Istanbul that "the United States has a plan regarding the liberation of Mosul of the terrorist Daesh led by central government of Iraq, and that Turkey does not oppose such a move, provided they do not prejudice the indigenous inhabitants of Mosul, pointing out that "his country is demanding guarantees about the lack of prejudice to the inhabitants of the city of Mosul during the liberation operation.
Sheikh Salman, in a speech at the meeting, praised Al-Azhar institution for its moderate and level-headed approach to promoting Islamic teachings and values, with emphasis on tolerance and eschewal of extremism and non-acceptance of "the other." In a similar speech, Dr Al-Tayeb said that thousands of students from all over the world attend Al-Azhar where they are taught the merits of open-mindedness, lack of prejudice, lack of bias, and respect for others' faiths, creeds, and values.
But they reckon without Tracy's determination and laudable lack of prejudice. Winning over friends from both sides of the racial divide, and getting her loving but cowed parents onside, the plump girl gets dancing, gets singing and gets some of the barriers to equality torn down.
that a plaintiff seeking to demonstrate the existence of a potentially meritorious cause of action, a reasonable excuse lot the delay in proscenium the suit, a lack of intent to abandon the suit, and a lack of prejudice to the defendant(s).