lack of proficiency

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Mohammed Al-Fozan, who decided to defy his lack of proficiency of English and seek a doctorate in finance from a leading university in the US.
Very few businesspeople are confident enough to conduct deals in a buyers' language, while non-exporters see a lack of proficiency in another language as a barrier to doing so.
"These accidents are often caused by lack of proficiency and poor decision making, and they typically lead to controlled flight into terrain, loss of control, or continued VFR flight into IMC," said Richard McSpadden, executive director at ASI.
Detractors of Attorney General Tommy Thomas have initiated a petition urging the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to remove him for a lack of proficiency in the national language.
He also discussed communication barriers, including lack of motivation, biases and lack of proficiency in technology.
held, for example, that a lack of proficiency testing was not an
Such is the lack of proficiency in Punjab police and intelligence network that the criminal managed to commit all these offences without being caught.
If your mission includes rehacking an overdue currency, take the potential lack of proficiency seriously with extra briefing topics or warm-up tasks before going full throttle.
However, the forward is unperturbed by his lack of goals so far and, indeed, Town's own overall lack of proficiency in front of goal.
In fact it is golf at Shangri-La Hambantota Golf Resort and Spa, a course so beautiful that even hapless amateurs such as myself care little for the loss of balls, this is good walk (as Mark Twain once wrote) that cannot be spoiled by one's lack of proficiency at the game.
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It is perhaps Wanderers' lack of proficiency in front of goal that gives Brisbane the advantage, although home manager John Aloisi will have to shuffle the pack as he goes into battle without injured captain Matt Mackay, Jamie Hingert and Manuel Arana.