lack of proficiency

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For three teachers this lack of proficiency was on the part of their students--'my students are still just learning words--they are not able to produce sentences yet'.
At times, when communicating with business travellers on the phone, she says her lack of proficiency in English lets her down.
He told the Times Higher Education that the lower ratings may reflect some professors' lack of proficiency with the English language, but says "there's ample reason not to take these comments at face value.
Sehwag confirmed his shy nature, while Harbhajan Singh made fun of his lack of proficiency in English.
project includes specialized courses, through which the target audience will learn practical special skills (eg, special techniques communication with the child, conducting case conferences, training facilitation skills) that still lack of proficiency.
The courses we offer are very crucial for the success of Emiratisation, as lack of proficiency in English is one of the barriers, according to many studies.
My lack of proficiency would quickly become a major factor and ultimately earn me a call sign.
However, it was soon revealed to me that many Saudi women dislike this job because of a number of factors such as long work hours, night shift, absence of facility to take care of their kids, in addition to lack of experience, lack of proficiency in the English language and inadequate training facilities," she said.
Based on advanced neuroscience research, ST Math is language-independent--meaning that poor reading skills or lack of proficiency in English aren't barriers to learning math.
He said Pakistanis have suffered in international market because of lack of proficiency in English language.
Staff at governmental, nongovernmental, and private organizations that work with non-English speaking populations consistently told us that, in their experience, a lack of proficiency in English can create significant barriers to financial literacy and to conducting everyday financial affairs.