lack of qualification

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In addition to determining whether mechanical failure led to the crash, National Transportation Safety Board investigators will focus on whether Bey's lack of qualification to fly in such weather played a role.
Another area of concern relates to the skills mismatch especially shortages due to lack of qualification and experience as well as skills exceeding job requirements.
He refused to comment on the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Zaka Ashraf's statement, declaring the former unsuitable for a permanent coaching job citing lack of qualification and experience.
A day after the Philippine electorate was shocked by the strong showing of 40-year-old Opposition senatorial candidate Nancy Binay, the vice president's eldest daughter braced herself for more criticisms over her lack of qualification for public office.
Lack of qualification requirements: Two thirds of family businesses don't require family members have the qualifications or related experience necessary to be successful when entering the business.
The selected target group is faced with a combination of disadvantages such as age, unemployment longer than 6 months, lack of qualification, risk of social exclusion and has a reduced chance to get a job in the region uplatnenE[degrees].
The lack of qualification standards for appraisers employed by the Resolution Trust Corporation could add to the cost of the $165 billion savings and loan bailout.
Lack of qualification requirements: Two-thirds of family businesses don't require family members to have special qualifications or related experience necessary to be successful when entering the business.
It is uncertain what obligation an employer may have to accommodate an applicant who is not otherwise qualified for the job for which the offer was made before the assessment revealed the individual's lack of qualification.
CHESS players are still fuming about the lack of qualification procedures applied to take part in international tournaments after a Bahrain tyke failed to place.
The worry over the lack of qualification is shared by Elias Saab, but he thinks it should be inspectors who "get training for at least 3 months or even a year and then they should be registered with an association.