lack of resistance

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She said that the victim's lack of resistance proved that she had accompanied the Bahraini man rather willingly.
Silence and lack of resistance do not equal consent.
The bill states that silence, or lack of resistance does not mean consent, and that someone who is under the influence of drugs, alcohol, medication, unconscious, or asleep cannot affirmatively consent to sexual activity.
The lack of resistance from the security forces to Al Houthis' overrunning of the capital was shameful.
Those responsible for the deportation of the Jews from those territories are the German authorities together with the Bulgarian pro-Nazi government, as well as the lack of resistance by the local population.
But the extent of Arsenal's recovery is hard to gauge given Reading's lack of resistance as League Two Bradford offered them a stiffer challenge.
The findings suggest that probiotics may be useful therapeutic interventions for candida, in part because of the nearly nonexistent adverse effects on patients and the lack of resistance developed by the pathogens, the researchers wrote.
He said: "Red clover is a high protein forage, but yield is erratic due to lack of resistance to Sclerotinia fungus and stem nematode for which there is no chemical means of control.
The coalition government led by the Democratic Party of Japan appears to be ''a frog targeted by a snake'' given its lack of resistance to the United States.
Under proposals by the party, judges will direct juries not to take into account any delay by a victim in reporting a rape or their lack of resistance to an attack.
North American hemlocks evolved independently from HWA, which explains their lack of resistance.
The lack of resistance to ciprofloxacin and cephalexin indicates that these drugs may be more effective; however, they are neither available at the primary healthcare level nor recommended in Papua New Guinea, which is cause for concern.