lack of resistance

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The Italians only needed to be in third gear against a Blues side that offered a pitiful lack of resistance that was in keeping with a calamitous campaign on the continent.
If the current trend continues there will be more deaths from a lack of resistance to antibiotics than cancer by 2050, the Cyprus Consumer Association claimed on Wednesday as it launched a new campaign.
Crude prices rose as markets await the start of global production cuts according to the deal between OPEC and other global producers, On the other hand, the dollar wavered amid thin trading, which helped prices advance due to lack of resistance from the dollar.
Australia had collapsed to 85 all out on day one and there was a similar lack of resistance on the fourth morning as their last eight wickets fell for 32.
Asadi said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / nina /, that "the first page of Liberation operations Fallujah are nearing completion," stressing the lack of resistance by Daash elements .
After a fiery first half, the Dragons cooled off that and went into a five-minute drought in the fourth quarter that allowed the Slingers take control of the game with their lack of resistance on the other end.
She said that the victim's lack of resistance proved that she had accompanied the Bahraini man rather willingly.
Lack of resistance to integrase inhibitors among antiretroviral-naive subjects with primary HIV-1 infection, 2007-13.
Silence and lack of resistance do not equal consent.
The lack of resistance from the security forces to Al Houthis' overrunning of the capital was shameful.
Those responsible for the deportation of the Jews from those territories are the German authorities together with the Bulgarian pro-Nazi government, as well as the lack of resistance by the local population.
But the extent of Arsenal's recovery is hard to gauge given Reading's lack of resistance as League Two Bradford offered them a stiffer challenge.