lack of safety

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This sparked outrage over the lack of safety patrols on Table Mountain, which is world renowned as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
The protesters blamed the Mines Department, Social Security, Labour Welfare and other departments concerned for the incident, saying that lack of safety measures at the site often claim lives of workers.
Following this, media reports stated that international airlines were bypassing the Iranian airspace "due to lack of safety and escalation of situation in the Persian Gulf."
COAL mine accidents have become more frequent in Pakistan, especially Balochistan, indicating clearly the lack of safety measures at the mines which in fact have turned into death chambers for the poor miners.
Lack of safety and equipment, working conditions inside the coalmines in Balochistan has claimed lives of several miners in Harnai, Dukki, Mach and Sowrange areas in recent months.
The Director General of the GMA, Thomas Kofi Alonsi, on his part, reiterated that dangers fishers are exposed to are due to lack of safety and health concerns of those who design, construct and operate most of the fishing vessels.
The situation is further worsened by lack of safety measures.
Most accidents that occur in homes, tents and other sites are caused by neglect, lack of safety measures or lack of identification of effective ways to avoid accidents.
The lack of safety features means a team of 30 fire officers are on patrol 24 hours a day.
On the other hand, all the air carriers from Moldova, with the exception of Air Moldova, Fly One and Aerotranscargo, have been included in the List due to a lack of safety oversight by the civil aviation authority of Moldova.
The police also said that out of 9,140 vehicles tested last week, permits of 82 vehicles were canceled for lack of safety conditions, while 3,317 notices of traffic violation were issued to drivers.
National broadcaster CyBC radio and television went off the air for 15 minutes at midday on Friday, when staff walked out in protest over the lack of safety measures in some of the buildings that back to the late 1950s.