lack of skepticism

See: credulity
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The report further noted that the lack of skepticism likely occurred because of time pressures and overconfidence in management assertions.
In its periodic reports and speeches, the PCAOB has emphasized that it has found examples of a lack of skepticism, inadequate audit support, and excessive reliance on management representations in its inspections.
Warrick asserts that the intense frustration in Washington over the government's inability to find bin Laden and Zawahiri generated increasing CIA excitement over Balawi and led to a fatal lack of skepticism. According to Warrick, the CIA had no leads on the whereabouts of either terrorist leader at the time.
PUBLIC COMPANY ACCOUNTING OVERSIGHT Board Chairman James Doty blasted the accounting industry in June for a continued "disturbing lack of skepticism" in audits of public companies.
He blamed Wall Street for a "systemic lack of skepticism" and outsourcing risk management by relying too much on rating agencies.  
McGovern encountered during the "town hall forum" at University of Massachusetts Medical School Tuesday, but there still was no lack of skepticism over health care reform that Congress is considering.
And finally, some critics had it both ways, since, by the end of the book, Grann claims to have actually found Z, or something like it, with only British writer Simon Winchester willing to cry "the horror!" at his American colleague's lack of skepticism.
Gullibility, lack of scrutiny, lack of skepticism, and not having a high index of suspicion are signs of poor clinical practice.
But unlike Richter's canvases, which methodically reenact reproduction of the photographic process with cool, if not cold, mechanized neutrality, Mendel-Black's bring an unabashed lack of skepticism to abstraction, and seem almost eager to please.
That, in part, explains the media's uncharacteristic lack of skepticism about the Bush administration's assertions about weapons of mass destruction.
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting openly criticizes the networks, in particular, for a lack of skepticism towards official U.S.