lack of sophistication

See: credulity
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As a footnote Acridge added "Giant began in the refining business in Farmington, New Mexico in 1973 by constructing a small refinery that was closed in 1982 due to its lack of sophistication and increasing costs associated with changes in environmental regulations.
A lack of sophistication in production workflows in emerging markets, causing a delay in solution implementation
It somehow implies greed, a lack of sophistication compared to the 'I'll just have coffee' drinkers and a lapsed attitude towards health and figure.
The Pentagon, for its part, seems to be aware of Congress's lack of sophistication in the area of biological weaponry.
Some people find dumps too unsophisticated, preferring the refinement and higher degree of artistry exhibited by paperweights, while to others this lack of sophistication is what appeals.
The top three delivery channel drivers for 2007 are: -- Identity Theft and Fraud: Banks must continue to focus on defending online banking and ATMs against organized crime and uncoordinated attacks -- not to mention consumers' own lack of sophistication with technology and safeguarding their own data.
PERHAPS it is a lack of sophistication or imagination,or maybe just a simple yearning for an excuse to indulge,but as soon as the sun shows its unfamiliar face my mind wanders towards thoughts of a cooling drink in a seaside pub.
Mr Woods-Scawen attacked the City's analysis of Midland engineers and manufacturers for its lack of sophistication.
While this suggests first mover advantage, the lack of sophistication of Chinese investors makes the provision of a dedicated wealth service seem unnecessary for all but a small percentage of individuals.
There is the contrast between the sophistication of American technology, and the lack of sophistication of a population who only seem concerned with Britney Spears and Oprah Winfrey.