lack of sophistication

See: credulity
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Defending, Tom McKail, said his client's offences showed a 'lack of sophistication' demonstrated by the fact none of the victims gave him any money.
Mr Jackson said there had been no damage caused to the property and there had been a lack of sophistication.
his "There was a lack of sophistication in the crime and he was aware that when a stock take would take place he would be in trouble." Brown will be sentenced at Teesside Crown Court at a future date.
"There was a lack of sophistication. He was always going to be caught," said Mr Wilson.
Trump's lack of sophistication at the UN, allowing himself to be drawn into an arms race, was as depressing as it was predictable.
Carl Templar-Vasey, for Evans, said: "He became involved on the day which explains the lack of sophistication and execution."
Despite the current lack of sophistication to perform such attacks, the group behind CrashOverride does not lack in ambition.
She resents her husband Milo the most, the way he is always excusing her lack of sophistication to everyone.
Negative: Lack of humour, heaviness, lack of sophistication.
On the whole, regulation is sound, but largely untested given a lack of sophistication in most sectors.
As usual they got it wrong, the lack of sophistication in simply not repairing the machine is unfortunately par for the course.
In mitigation, his lawyer Abdul Iqbal QC said the case showed a "lack of sophistication, some naivety and level of immaturity".