lack of sound

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Phileas Fogg had not concealed from Sir Francis his design of going round the world, nor the circumstances under which he set out; and the general only saw in the wager a useless eccentricity and a lack of sound common sense.
The real scandal, however, is the lack of sound indignation and forceful action to address the issue by the upper echelons of the United Nations which stood by Leon and all but ignored the implications and the consequences of his actions.
However, USAID efforts are challenged by the difficulty of measuring impact in this complex programming environment and the general lack of sound data and local analytical capability.
Former MP Slobodan Najdovski in UTRINSKI VESNIK comments that the governmental activities show their strategy campaign for the upcoming early elections--the imposed dispute that accuses opposition for the lack of sound program and not leading a "positive" campaign.
However, the high cost of MRI systems, reducing reimbursement rates, and lack of sound technologists in many countries hinders the growth of this market to some extent.
But do not be mistaken, the director uses atmospheric sound for the film, especially in places when sound or the lack of sound and hearing has true meaning and consequences for the characters.
He said the committee took note of causes leading to domestic violence such as lack of sound upbringing, family disputes, social problems etc.
One way to spot the bug is the lack of sound when the scene is playing out, as seen in the video.
If his son is to fail at this game - which is a million to one - it won't be from the lack of sound advice.
It wasn't a matter of a lack of numbers though, there was 20,000-plus at the game, the problem was a lack of sound from the stands.
It was obvious at the panel meeting that there was a lack of sound professional investigation and poor examination of alternative incomes that could be generated from the bowls area.
The sport's lack of sound has been a major complaint this year since the introduction of the quieter 1.