lack of sound

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Phileas Fogg had not concealed from Sir Francis his design of going round the world, nor the circumstances under which he set out; and the general only saw in the wager a useless eccentricity and a lack of sound common sense.
The impact on student tenants living above Rehill's was also raised as part of the objection, due to the lack of sound insulation.
There's no question that a lack of sound alcohol screening to detect risky drinking could result in more and longer treatment, greater use of ambulance services and an increase in hospital admissions - all a drain on our cash-strapped NHS.
The current lack of sound data about sexual orientation and gender identity in many federal surveys means we are ill-prepared to meet the needs of this community.
A lack of sound practices, standards, and coordination between the two entities continues to be an impediment.
Yet, it's often a lack of sound data governance that prevents organizations from realizing the full value of their data.
Elaborating other factors impeding growth of local furniture industry, he cited increased costs, fluctuating economy, consumer ignorance and lack of sound legislation as major reasons hitting promotion of local furniture business.
Private gains, lack of sound controls, weak enforcement of rules and laws etc were highlighted as the major motivators of corruption.
Criticizing the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), he said there was not found any activity of PDMA and had no emergency office in Chitral while it also lack of sound metrological system to inform the people before flood occurring.
The complexity and bureaucracy associated with the new CAP, decisions often based on a lack of sound science and the tendency to overregulate, are all areas that concern our members.
Addressing the widespread lack of sound information about the legal status of Islam in Europe, the series identifies the relevant documents county by country.
A lack of sound bites is not a problem for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, whose Tony Soprano vibe and brash one-liners have plenty of entertainment value.