lack of spirit

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I suppose it was commonplace in me that I felt slightly outraged at his lack of spirit.
There are men of low rank who strain themselves to bursting to pass for gentlemen, and high gentlemen who, one would fancy, were dying to pass for men of low rank; the former raise themselves by their ambition or by their virtues, the latter debase themselves by their lack of spirit or by their vices; and one has need of experience and discernment to distinguish these two kinds of gentlemen, so much alike in name and so different in conduct.
Marry this subconscious complacency with a lack of spirit, camaraderie or connection with their coach, or even an understanding of national identity and the ability to relate with their fans; and throw in unrealistic expectations and horrendous tactical organisation, and you get England, a team of individuals not a team.
Many critics claimed Everton's performance at the weekend showed the total lack of spirit in the squad and a lack of backing from the players that suggests the manager is a dead man walking.
That brittle confidence - and in all honesty, lack of spirit - on the road was only exacerbated further by an abnormal environment in the Second City on Saturday.
THERE was no lack of spirit but Chester FC remain deep in trouble after the post-Steve Burr era began with a 2-1 reverse at Lincoln City.
It is a strange lack of spirit to recognize somebody's contribution.
In the end it was a defeat that left Livi boss Richie Burke angry at his team's lack of spirit.
There was no lack of spirit and commitment against the Hoppers, and they will certainly not be making the trip up to County Durham with the intention of rolling over.
Going from the lows of last week's poor performance and lack of spirit against Esher, to this week's win against Wharfedale.
As the second-half wore on, fatigue and lack of spirit showed in the Fanatics play, and the EFA were in the ascendancy, adding two more goals, both scored by Salman, while Nasser and Kommeel made sure of the victory with a fifth goal.
What has prevented Arsenal from achieving greater success so far is not a lack of spirit, courage, bottle, winning mentality - or any similar word you might hear - but an inability to prevent opponents from scoring against them so often.