lack of spirit

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I suppose it was commonplace in me that I felt slightly outraged at his lack of spirit.
There are men of low rank who strain themselves to bursting to pass for gentlemen, and high gentlemen who, one would fancy, were dying to pass for men of low rank; the former raise themselves by their ambition or by their virtues, the latter debase themselves by their lack of spirit or by their vices; and one has need of experience and discernment to distinguish these two kinds of gentlemen, so much alike in name and so different in conduct.
Asked about a lack of spirit in the squad, Wijnaldum reckons inconsistency is the real problem.
It's one thing losing at your bitterest rivals, but to display such a lack of spirit was unforgivable.
As for the game with Turkmeniostan, "My major preoccupation was the lack of spirit and motivation in our players," Queiroz said at the post-game news conference.
It is a strange lack of spirit to recognize somebody's contribution.
In the end it was a defeat that left Livi boss Richie Burke angry at his team's lack of spirit.
There was no lack of spirit and commitment against the Hoppers, and they will certainly not be making the trip up to County Durham with the intention of rolling over.
And that lack of spirit hasn't come about with the lack of confidence due to a succession of bad results.
Going from the lows of last week's poor performance and lack of spirit against Esher, to this week's win against Wharfedale.
To a question that how civil society groups could reach self-reliance and why they could not reach this target so far, Riffat blamed it on the lack of spirit for volunteerism.
As the second-half wore on, fatigue and lack of spirit showed in the Fanatics play, and the EFA were in the ascendancy, adding two more goals, both scored by Salman, while Nasser and Kommeel made sure of the victory with a fifth goal.