lack of stimulus

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There has been enough scepticism expressed about the lack of stimulus that has been generated thus far regarding this event.
It seems reasonable to entertain the possibility that for these participants, the lack of stimulus equivalence performance is due to the loss or degradation of stimulus control in relation to the trained conditional discriminations at time of the stimulus equivalence test.
The disappointment over a lack of stimulus measures from China saw miners such as Fresnillo and Randgold Resources suffer losses, down 35p to 837.5p and 122p to 4486p respectively.
Russian currency bonds Thursday continued trading with no expressive dynamics against the back of lack of stimulus to grow.
Ingestion of the substance is inappropriate to developmental level, is not part of a culturally sanctioned practice, and not merely symptomatic of another mental disorder (e.g., pervasive developmental disorder, mental retardation, thought disorder).1 Pica was first defined by Hippocrates and the scientific name for the Common Magpie is Pica, which is a bird thought to have indiscriminate appetite, similar to those who ingest inedible substances.2 Pica is considered as an eating-nutritional disorder in childhood and is generally analyzed within obsessive-compulsive disorders.1 It might be related to psychological factors such as lack of stimulus, lack of care, love, and affection or lack of breast milk.
Contrarily, in India there is a total lack of stimulus in scientific studies and researches.
Most Asian markets ended on a negative note last week as disappointing economic reports on China and the euro zone revived concerns over the floundering global economy while the lack of stimulus measures from policymakers also weighed.
Other causes include boredom, lack of exercise or lack of stimulus, stress, etc.
Poor kids need nursery education to compensate for the lack of stimulus from their parents.
There isn't as much money in the highway pipeline, thanks to the lack of stimulus funding.
Other countries are notable for their lack of stimulus funding for clean energy and low-carbon technology--in particular, the United Kingdom and India.