lack of symmetry

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Ensure the width of traces does not change within the region, as lack of symmetry may increase the chance of a stress buildup.
wearing an eye patch and for obsessive compulsives out there, the lack of symmetry can be a little hard to take.
Physiologist Andrew Udofa said: "It raises the question of whether Bolt's lack of symmetry makes him the fastest sprinter ever or exists for reasons yet to be identified.
Regarding true tumor size, if imaging studies do not have sufficient detail or are not specific regarding the character of the tumor-shape details--spiculation, lack of symmetry (oval, elongated, cometlike, etc)--and the direction of the longest axis of the possible tumor, then the correct maximum tumor diameter may not be measured unless by pure accident.
However, there are still deductions for lack of symmetry in that category.
Their use of the CoD, dimensional extrapolation, and other mathematical techniques seem to have facilitated a further application of multidimensional geometry, algebra, and physics, while the spinning of elementary particles apparently explains the lack of symmetry in the higher dimensions.
The more voluminous look and lack of symmetry make this type of fold much more casual looking.
The lack of symmetry is all the more striking when the EU loses its own public contracts to companies from countries that erect barriers to European firms.
There has been a lack of symmetry in the search for peace over the past 20 years.
The lack of symmetry between them can't be rectified so long as the Israeli army rules over Palestinians and denies them freedom.
RHIC scientists say that the lack of symmetry in the twisting, fleeting vortices of gluons could point towards a long-sought mechanism for violating this conservation.
He says the after effects of botched operations can include bleeding, infections, large scars, loss of feeling and a lack of symmetry.