lack of thoroughness

See: laxity
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But a lack of thoroughness and a misinterpretation of the results resulted in a missed opportunity.
Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro and human rights groups have criticized Israel's investigation of the case for a lack of thoroughness, transparency, and credibility.
Online backup service is a thing you can't afford choosing with lack of thoroughness these days.
Presenting advertisements as news, soliciting advertisements in lieu of hidden support, inaccuracy, vilification, manipulation and biased presentation of events, unfair and unethical competitive manoeuvers, avoidable dramatization, lack of thoroughness, lack of research mentality and facility, lopsided priorities, alignment with parties, groups and individuals, insufficient sensitivity are ills that the media empire is heir to.
Thus, they are relying on board attorneys' and purchasers' attorneys' lack of thoroughness in checking all of the amendments to keep their low bailing calculations hidden in plain sight.
What we are really dealing with is a lack of thoroughness in how some patients have been assessed, that didn't come up to modern standards.
This apparent lack of sophistication should not be mistaken for a lack of thoroughness, though.
I have stated that I noticed that in some ways she and her husband had lost a little of the refinements of household life, but her teaching does not show any lack of thoroughness.
GAO has identified several instances that highlight the Air Force's lack of thoroughness in its waiver process for the 23 aircraft systems.
The lack of thoroughness in testing could be key to the reason why there are so many failures in outsourcing projects.
Finally, lack of thoroughness can also hinder strategic plans.