lack of warmth

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Do not be deterred by the lack of warmth in his manner, for this is a man whose attentions are solely given to his 'grilling' leaving customers who wish to dine in to the very pleasant administrations of a very friendly and efficient waitress.
They also lived in slums, where they saw nothing of the urban life except moral depravity and lack of warmth in relationships, as well as over-population and lack of facilities.
He was irritable, almost angry at the lack of warmth in his marriage.
The lack of warmth in the temporary shelters where many refugees stay makes the cold weather particularly dangerous.
THIS winter too many older people will suffer and needlessly die, due to lack of warmth.
Previous research had found that men with wide faces are judged to be aggressive and dishonest, while facial masculinity has also been commonly associated with a perceived lack of warmth and co-operation.
Reduced sensitivity, lack of warmth, harsh-if not abusive-and neglecting behaviors, and the inability to provide a secure and supportive home environment can negatively impact children's psychological development and educational competence.
We can do little to counteract the lack of warmth and sunshine except to include an awareness of their scarcities in our work plans.
But given the lack of warmth in the relations between the government and Hockey India, it remains to be seen whether the recommendation, from a ' private body', will be accepted.
We have mentioned Benitez's apparent lack of warmth and empathy for his players before - qualities crucial to the success of Ferguson, Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger, the only three managers to win the Premier League in the last 13 seasons.