lack of warning

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Unions described the job losses as "devastating" and hit out at the lack of warning from Mahle Engine Systems in Kilmarnock.
Referring to the heat wave in Karachi, Dr Anwar said unpreparedness and lack of warning system caused the deaths instead of temperature.
It is understood Pc Rathband's claim against the force centres around an alleged lack of warning that the gunman had warned he was about to target uniformed officers.
Because of the lack of warning, sometimes people were unaware of German planes until the bombs dropped - a factor which perhaps led to the loss of lives on the night of August 19.
Because of the lack of warning signs, it is likely that a car could fall into a steep ravine several feet below, adding that the province's road specifications are in accordance with internationally adopted standards, indicating that "all road management projects are still under implementation.
Chris Hearn claims proper speed limits were not in place and there was a "concerning" lack of warning signs when the accident happened on the A5 between Corwen and Llangollen last May.
The revelation of intelligence "failures" such as lack of warning of the 9/11 attacks, the incorrect assessment of Iraqi nuclear weapons activity prior to the 2003 invasion, and leaks to the media about operations against Iran contribute to a negative judgment.
Many concerns appeared to be over the timing of the decision, the lack of warning and the substantial cost involved when some expat families are struggling financially as a result of companies tightening their belts in the current economic climate.
Concern was growing that a lack of warning of a missile attack on the U.
Mr Jewell also criticised the lack of warning for monthly ticket holders who have less than a week to adjust their budget.
Those who survived complained of lack of warning signs.
In Birmingham,Alabama, authorities said a lack of warning about the severity of the ice led to thousands being stuck on roads, in shelters and in schools, with snow clearing vehicles having been initially directed south of the city where the ice was expected to hit.