lack of warning

See: surprise
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He said: "It wasn't for lack of warning to Arsenal and to all the clubs.
Tragedy of Cyclone Ockhi - whose devastation was exacerbated by a lack of warning and an ineffective search-and-rescue effort - highlights the plight of impoverished communities condemned to struggling to make a living off over-fished seas.
After concerns were raised by witnesses and Mr Edwards' mum Rebecca about the lack of warning of the sharp bend to road users coming down the hill, Mrs Jones said she would write to Flintshire council's highways department to ask for signage to be put in place.
The car was trapped for six days in total and Peter made an official complaint to Welsh Water over the lack of warning.
And together with editor Alexander Berner, the director keeps us reliably off balance with an arrestingly jittery formal syntax, splicing in dream and memory sequences with an often unsettling lack of warning.
The historic problem with a traditional vacuum system failure is the pilot's lack of warning or awareness.
It is understood PC Rathband's claim against the force centres around an alleged lack of warning that the gunman had said he was about to target uniformed officers.
officials have continued to say there are no specific, credible threats to the United States, but the lack of warning before San BernardinoAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA exacerb concerns about how the U.
Unions described the job losses as "devastating" and hit out at the lack of warning from Mahle Engine Systems in Kilmarnock.
Referring to the heat wave in Karachi, Dr Anwar said unpreparedness and lack of warning system caused the deaths instead of temperature.
Because of the lack of warning, sometimes people were unaware of German planes until the bombs dropped - a factor which perhaps led to the loss of lives on the night of August 19.