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Well Tolentino may be lackadaisical, but his numbers aren't.
With technical nous and entrepreneurial drive such as this in evidence, a lackadaisical Eye, whose alma mater was in the selfsame county, sometimes wonders why it bothered.
Strike star Shankland controlled the ball well from a Colin Spence pass and punished lackadaisical defending by shooting the winner.
FOLLOWING several reports detailing the Delhi Development Authority's ( DDA) lackadaisical administration and unprofessional officials, Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung ( inset) on Wednesday ordered " restructuring" of the whole agency.
The Cameron family are said to be unimpressed with Larry's lackadaisical approach to mouse-catching and the PM is even considering slashing his benefits.
But his initial lackadaisical approach to mousing duties led to speculation his days there could be numbered.
His lackadaisical approach to mousing led to speculation he would be relieved of his duties.
But the cat's initially lackadaisical approach to his mousing duties led to speculation that his days at No 10 could be numbered.
The 68-year-old Douglas is a schedule freak and an organized person, whereas his better half claims to be lackadaisical yet spontaneous and their differences help them maintain a healthy romance and compliment each other.
The Chester boss said: "The last time we had a bit of a break we came back and we were a bit lackadaisical so it will predominantly be a first-team squad.
It's another distressing sign of lackadaisical standards - Amanda Lockwood, 45, a librarian of Stockton I think it's part of a general shift; there's a trend in disappearing punctuation - even hyphens are disappearing - Max Harrison, 43, a classroom manager of Middlesbrough I don't think it will make much of a difference, and if it's so the internet address matches, I think that's good sense - Ian Oliver, 25, a post office worker of Longlands, Middlesbrough As a book shop they should be setting an example.
His son, 21-year-old Gurlakhdave Singh Sharma, who the court heard was the proprietor, said: "I agree we've been lackadaisical.