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The more lackadaisically kept lawns had a lower carbon dioxide profile.
In a series of paintings from 2001, Frank wanders his hypothetical world, lackadaisically testing different poses from art history and various natural settings, from lush rain forests to the desert beaches of some Crusoe-ian paradise.
and one of Harry's minder's lackadaisically told the women, 'awww, come on.
And those services, too, are delivered so grudgingly, so lackadaisically and so incompetently that it makes you cringe.
I have to say that when I was a student earning money to keep the local clubs and pubs afloat by working lackadaisically at a petrol station I never got my mum to ring in sick for me.
Yet the community-corrections system might have been designed to maximize recidivism: It imposes too many rules, monitors compliance lackadaisically, and imposes sanctions rarely, almost at random, but with occasional ferocity.
Moreover, when he dropped a fly ball in a game against the Yankees and appeared to chase it lackadaisically, the fans booed him unmercifully.
He doesn't approach anything lackadaisically," says longtime filmmaking partner Dayton Duncan, who marvels at Burns' boundless enthusiasm.
For example, I lackadaisically assumed that the large red-leaved plants growing between Cuenca and Gualaquiza were merely a superior form of T.
The inspector general also found that the agency didn't do enough to ensure the safety of the trailers in the first place, then responded lackadaisically to reports that occupants were getting sick.
The difference is that this pic, understandably withheld from reviewers, appears lackadaisically conceived in visual terms and generally slapped together, an impression borne out by the end credit list of "additional photography" in Connecticut and Los Angeles, each shoot with its own crew.
If images of her lackadaisically running circles in the graveyard and throwing daisies in the air aren't enough to be smitten by this doe-eyed daydreamer, chances are you're already dead.