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com network and not using the latest technologies think they are going to get the phone call anyway, so they just lackadaisically go through the process.
He is portrayed in an almost identical position in each individual shot, but each time the lighting changes; in some, though, the subject has almost lackadaisically slipped out of the picture.
Sometimes we were going out there kind of lackadaisically, and as a staff we just weren't very confident.
None of which means that ``Johnson Family Vacation,'' which is lackadaisically directed by music video and TV commercial veteran Christopher Erskin, is any dopier than the Lampoon ``Vacations.
In contrast to Tarantino's speed, Sofia Coppola's partly improvised film unfolds rather lackadaisically.
Moorpark played lackadaisically on offense the entire game against Agoura but came out fired up to play Westlake.
Lancaster (21-17) scored its first run of the game in the top of the fifth when Bakersfield second baseman Fernando Cortez lackadaisically played a Jaime Jones grounder into an infield single with Sergio Santos at third, the JetHawks' first hit of the game off Bakersfield starter Chad Gaudin (2-0), who retired the first 12 batters in order before Santos reached on an error.
His slacker pal and roommate, Jimmy (Seth Green), just happens to be the son of ``Sweet Knuckle's'' lackadaisically blase producer, Gil (Eugene Levy).
Gilbert Arenas stole the ball from Miles, who was dribbling lackadaisically, and Antwan Jamison made a 3-point shot to pull the Warriors to 74-72.
AVC opened up the second half lackadaisically and played that way for much of the final 30 minutes.
It was fortunate that Denver (12-30) has had worse luck this season than the Clippers (16-24), who again played lackadaisically with the lead.