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And yet humans have regularly abused water quality and water supply, lackadaisically and irresponsibly believing that we will always have enough good water for all of our needs.
He knocked on 100 doors to find samples of immaculately kept lawns and lackadaisically kept lawns.
As far as they were concerned, Manet had thrown a commotion on the canvas: a still life in the lower-left corner, a superb morceau de peinture, but how lackadaisically strewn on the model's petticoat!; a landscape in the background painted so hastily it looked like a theater backdrop; and an incomprehensible genre scene in the middle, in which the jury may or may not have recognized an updated, thirdhand quotation of Raphael, via Marcantonio and Charles Blanc, not counting the indecent nude that looks us in the eyes and tosses Ingres's slick odalisque "into one pot with Rembrandt and Giotto." (17) The jurors saw the impure mixture of the genres but not their new synthesis.
"Student is Silent on Slaying Friend: Held Without Bail After He Listens Lackadaisically to Charge in Stabbing Case." New York Times August 18, 1944:14.
In Hollywood films of the 1970s and 1980s, teachers are shown lackadaisically arriving at the school either alongside the students, casually joking with them as they make their way through the overcrowded hallways to their classrooms, or, indeed, after the students, screeching into school parking lots in worn-out jalopies after the last attendance bell has sounded.
The security guard smoked lackadaisically, the hobo toddled off and the skating continued.
In an open barn nearby, a few cows munch lackadaisically. I see pigs rooting around in another open barn 30 or so yards away and start to wonder if I haven't stumbled into a time warp, to the place where they shot the farm scenes in The Wizard of Oz.
In a series of paintings from 2001, Frank wanders his hypothetical world, lackadaisically testing different poses from art history and various natural settings, from lush rain forests to the desert beaches of some Crusoe-ian paradise.
and one of Harry's minder's lackadaisically told the women, 'awww, come on...
And those services, too, are delivered so grudgingly, so lackadaisically and so incompetently that it makes you cringe.
A voice people put on even when calling in sick with the classic 'food poisoning' - "So what's wrong with your throat then?" I have to say that when I was a student earning money to keep the local clubs and pubs afloat by working lackadaisically at a petrol station I never got my mum to ring in sick for me.
Yet the community-corrections system might have been designed to maximize recidivism: It imposes too many rules, monitors compliance lackadaisically, and imposes sanctions rarely, almost at random, but with occasional ferocity.