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We wanted to determine whether situation valence moderates the effect of lacking control on structure seeking.
In our grief Jesus is present, and, as we move to the future, Jesus will continue to love us and fill our lacking.
Where Campbell can tell a story regarding sitter or commission, his captions are full; where such information is lacking, he is satisfied with comments like "on grounds of style and costume, the portrait is attributed to .
7, holds that a Florida LLC is a partnership because its articles of organization did not provide for reconstitution by majority vote; because, Florida's statute requires unanimous consent, continuity is lacking.
Six of the mice lacking gastrin developed stomach tumors at 12 months of age, but none of normal mice did, the researchers report in the March 31 Oncogene.
Says Newman, "Transit controls in Singapore are totally lacking.
Among women, 42 percent of those who failed to complete high school reported lacking the desire for sex, while only 24 percent of female college graduates did.
During the 2 weeks after a nerve was severed, mice lacking a functional TLR4 showed fewer signs of neuropathic-type pain than did normal mice when the animals were lightly poked on a paw or had their tails exposed to hot water.
But the bad news for women smokers is that lacking the GSTM1 gene and having rheumatoid arthritis combines for a more debilitating course of the disease.
Many of the 50 or so homes are makeshift structures of plywood and sheet metal, lacking both piped-in water and electricity, built by people who lacked clear title for the land they purchased from real estate developer Marshall Redman.