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Or Love is lacking in intelligence, Or to the height of cruelty attains, Or else it is my doom to suffer pains Beyond the measure due to my offence.
That will I do," said Robin, "or else I were lacking in courtesy.
Harmony, that bond of all work, human or divine, was lacking in great things as well as in little ones.
Their bodies were smaller and lighter in color, and their fingers and toes bore the rudiments of nails, which were entirely lacking among the males.
His worst enemy must admit him to be a man without malice; he never bore a grudge in his life, lacking the necessary taste and industry of attention.
And although many of his word-pictures are not lacking in charm or colour, they have but little significance beyond them.
My jests, gentlemen, are of course in bad taste, jerky, involved, lacking self-confidence.
There were not lacking, however, evidences of what we may call the intelligent egoism of a youth who is charmed with the indolent, careless life of an only son, and who lives as it were in a gilded cage.
His lower jaw hung down as if lacking strength to assume its normal position.
Much else should I have liked to write to you, but time is lacking, and I must hasten.
Well, my friend, nothing now is lacking except that you should feel remorse for having killed that fellow.
Still it was said the deer, the elk, and the bighorn were to be found there, so that, with a little diligence and economy, there was no danger of lacking food.