lacking agreement

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The registration of presidential candidates will be held next week, with conservatives still in utter chaos lacking agreement on a candidate, former President Mahmud Ahmadi-nejad pushing a friend for the post and President Rohani standing above it all, not even declaring that he will run for reelection.
Lacking agreement on a new constitution and therefore on new elections, Tunisia has for two years been in a phase of "post-revolution transition," offering no incentives to investors.
Lacking agreement among legislators, previous legislative maps have been drafted by the Oregon Secretary of State, while previous congressional maps have ended up being set by the courts.
Lacking agreement, disagreement has to be managed, and much of that is out in the open.
Twenty-one pairs (42 items) of the 200 items in the test have been selected with half of the pairs being direct opposites, and the other half of the pairs lacking agreement with each other in varying degrees.