lacking clarity

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This last-minute practice, which might be acceptable when booking a holiday but not when passing laws, goes some way in explaining omissions, phrases lacking clarity and unconstitutional provisions in laws.
Others criticise the draft law for lacking clarity, noting that it deals with sexual violence against women and children in the same clauses.
Lacking clarity in the future, such uncertainty often leaves individuals or businesses stuck--even immobile.
Hays and company failed to follow Little Rock's example, and North Little Rock voters -- lacking clarity on the proposals -- said "no.
As mentioned above, due to a poor definition lacking clarity and logic, JP 5-0 lists 12 characteristics that can be associated with a COG:
South Africa captain Graeme Smith has criticised the revolving-door policy as lacking clarity and resembling the disarray of England.
It came after only one round of deliberations and two sessions for hearing views of experts, although the plans were criticized for lacking clarity on some points and no local communities have consented to allow power companies to operate the proposed method of burning plutonium -- so-called pluthermal power generation at a nuclear power plant.
Below basic'' writing is defined as lacking clarity, analytic and creative thinking, organization, proper grammar and correct punctuation.
The guttural riffs gave way to rapid-fire, chunky dance beats, but the style changes were clunky, lacking clarity or melody.
Lacking clarity, her message turned out to be innocuous.
The leading men were uniformly dreadful, lacking clarity in line as well as precisidn and detail in their feet and legs.
One one hand, the decision protects cities against the harsh liability specifically proposed by the Seventh Circuit, but, at the same time, lacking clarity, it opens the door to greater liability for cities.