lacking clarity

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Mr Verheugen conceded that at the time nobody considered the possibility of sophisticated cheating at emissions tests and that in hindsight the rules might be perceived as lacking clarity.
Well, that is an appropriate stance for the portfolio to take this week with many horses having been put up already and certain situations still lacking clarity.
In defence production, where the cap was eased from 26% on a case to case basis, the rules give a lot of powers to the defence ministry besides lacking clarity.
The rules are seen in Europe as lacking clarity and infringing EU privacy directives.
This can be down to companies lacking clarity about what they want to achieve, and employees failing to apply lessons learned in training once back in the workplace.
Hays and company failed to follow Little Rock's example, and North Little Rock voters -- lacking clarity on the proposals -- said "no.
As mentioned above, due to a poor definition lacking clarity and logic, JP 5-0 lists 12 characteristics that can be associated with a COG:
South Africa captain Graeme Smith has criticised the revolving-door policy as lacking clarity and resembling the disarray of England.
What we have discovered bears noting because of its near universality-technology adding to the constraints on health care recruiters' time, communication vehicles lacking clarity and warmth, a dearth of customer service, lack of timely response to candidates, and frustration on both sides of the human resource (HR) desk.
It came after only one round of deliberations and two sessions for hearing views of experts, although the plans were criticized for lacking clarity on some points and no local communities have consented to allow power companies to operate the proposed method of burning plutonium -- so-called pluthermal power generation at a nuclear power plant.
The guttural riffs gave way to rapid-fire, chunky dance beats, but the style changes were clunky, lacking clarity or melody.