lacking content

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The cinematography in Africa, though yet to achieve top-notch status, with the proliferation of movies and to a large extent, according to critics, lacking content, has become one of the most successful industries in the continent and the world.
After this month’s meeting, I recalled the communication modes of the past: snail mail--a big expense to the association; the community website in 2005, deemed too complex for those who weren’t digital natives and too basic and lacking content for savvy users; and the email blasts, beginning in 2010 when approximately 94% of the owners acclimated to digital communications.
A feature of the new forms of "concealing" the langue de bois is the use, lacking content, of standardized phrases in repeated discourse.
For each user, there may be one or more users own the service content the user lacks, and the content downloading node choosing the computing module will compute for the user to tell it where to downloading the lacking content. On the other hand, the service content is split into several pieces, and each user has one or more of them.
I wasn't lacking content knowledge or education theory; I was lacking practical classroom experience.
** App store - There are two other apps both of which are not comprehensive (lacking content) or interactive (app users can not leave reviews or upload images as they can in the Margaret River Guide App) and